[cifnmedia] FW: Trunk Radio for St. Clair County, Illinois from Todd Hartzel & Vic Dane

  • From: "Paul M. Brown" <wx-tech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 20:28:58 -0600

Have you heard abut this?  This will show the need to have two (2)
monitors in the trucks to be able to monitor the Fire Departments.  I
hate the trouncing network.  I have not heard any good about these
systems for the Fire Service.


   From: Todd Hartzel <t_hartzel@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: St Clair County Illinois TRS coming soon

Greetings all,
        Looks like St Clair County, Illinois is
getting close to having its Trunk
Radio System.  Click on these links for data on it:




The reason I can think of for why they want so many
sites, is to intergrate
the new Starcom 21 system into it.  It does talk
briefly about it.  It appears
that St Clair County Illinois is going to be online
before Starcom 21.

However, if you'd like to read the raw FCC data on the
St Clair County TRS,
here is the weblink to the FCC Website with data on


(Just look for the 'Pending Level 2' entries at the
top, labeled 'YF'.  Which is
for 'Trunk Public Safety in the 866-869Mhz band)

This system should have good penetration into St Louis
City & St Louis County.  There will be a site
installed in East St Louis & Cahokia, Illinois & a
directional site installed in Caseyville.  I imagine
the Caseyville site will be targeting areas away from
St Louis City.  100-watt repeaters with an ERP of
389-watts.  Oh yeah, its a directional antenna.     

So, those of you with PRO-96s, and the Uniden APCO-25
ready scanners.  Clear away a Trunk bank, and put
those 17-chs in.  Its still pending for now.  But
coming soon.  Coming even before Starcom 21 comes on

73 from todd hartzel / n0vkg

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