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April 28, 2004



TO:     Primary/Secondary

           All MABAS Divisions


FROM:           ________________________

           James P. Reardon, Fire Chief

           MABAS President


RE:     Assistance to Utica Fire Department



As you all know, Utica was struck by a devastating tornado last week.  Their
firehouse was right across the street from the tavern/restaurant where eight
citizens lost their lives.  Now, Utica Fire Department needs the help of its
MABAS counterparts.  Let's step-up to the challenge.


Chief Dave Edgecomb, Utica Fire Chief contacted me and asked if he could
borrow or have some basic equipment which was lost or damaged as a result of
the storm or following rescue efforts.  Utica Fire will file claims for
replacement but in the interim, he needs our help so he can provide a level
of service, pre-storm, to his community.


The following list is what he needs.  Should your department be able to loan
or give Utica Fire Department assistance, it will be much appreciated.


Please call Lt. Steve Maltas, Utica FD at 815/228-4767 or 815/667-4113
before you deliver the equipment.  The phone call will assure he gets the
equipment he needs and not an onslaught of items beyond the following list.


Thanks for your assistance and thanks to the 33 MABAS Divisions and CART
Teams for following the State Plan and Process and assisting the community
of Utica during their very difficult time.


1 1/2" fog nozzle

1" booster nozzle

3500 gallon portatank

flat head axe

pick axe

2 rechargeable mag lights

20# dry chem extinguisher

air chisel and regulator

6" male to 4" stortz

2 1/2" fog nozzle

14' roof ladder

24' extension ladder

2 hydrant wrenches

4 spanner wrenches

100'  2 1/2"" hose

3 AFFF extinguishers





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