[cifnmedia] Design Proposals For WTC Memorial To Be Unveiled

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Design Proposals For WTC Memorial To Be Unveiled Wednesday Morning

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Courtesy of WABC 

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New York-WABC, November 19, 2003) — Today, the public will get its first look 
at the eight designs for a proposed memorial at the World Trade Center. 
Families of the victims had a preliminary viewing last night. 

In one, the names are listed alphabetically. A second chronicles where each 
victim died on that fateful morning. 

Relatives of victims killed in at the World Trade Center said all eight designs 
for a memorial preserve a slurry wall, the only surviving remnant of the 

Each of the designs also includes sanctuaries for grieving families, 
repositories for unidentified remains and displays of victims' names. The 
proposals treated the names differently, family members said, with some in the 
form of an alphabetical list and others arranged by where the victims died on 
Sept. 11, 2001. 

And one proposal includes a lawn that only family members could cross for the 
next 20 years. 

The memorial will commemorate the attacks in New York, Washington, D.C., and 
Pennsylvania, as well as the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. 

The eight proposals, accompanied by videotaped interviews of finalists talking 
about their designs, were to be displayed Wednesday at the World Financial 
Center's Winter Garden, near where the twin towers stood. 

Family members interviewed said they mostly approved of the designs. "I thought 
they captured the essence of what the memorial should be," said Christine 
Huhn-Graifman, who lost her husband. 

But some complained that the plans did not provide enough access to the bedrock 
level of the trade center site. As it stands now, the redevelopment plan 
preserves the approximate circumference of the towers, but the infrastructure 
would encroach on the building footprints at bedrock level. 

Wednesday's viewing was the public's first chance to see the eight proposals, 
picked from a pool of 5,200 by a 13-member jury. The jury will decide the 
winning design by the end of the year. 

The display was not part of the official selection process; neither the jurors 
nor the competitors were to be present. 

Although the Lower Manhattan Development Corp. has planned no formal public 
comment process on the proposals, the Municipal Art Society announced Tuesday 
that it would gather opinions at public workshops and then send its findings to 
the agency. 


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