[cifnmedia] City fire equipment action riles volunteers

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Tuesday, May 4, 2004 
             Local News 

      City fire equipment action riles volunteers

      By John Vandiver
      Daily Times Staff Writer 

      SALISBURY -- Officials for the Salisbury Fire Department and some 
volunteer firefighters from Station 2 are at odds again, this time concerning 
the city's appropriation of equipment. 

      Fire Chief David See said the department is consolidating its two rescue 
vehicles to eliminate redundancy of services. By combining specialized tools 
and equipment onto one truck, See said rescue missions will be made more 

      One of the rescue vehicles will be taken out of service and its equipment 
will be transferred to the newer truck from Station 2 on Naylor Street. The 
modified rescue vehicle will be assigned to the Fire Department's North 
Division Street station. 

      However, Station 2 volunteer President Harold Scott said the city has no 
right to the equipment. 

      "The chief has the right to move city-owned equipment. The rescue truck 
belongs to the city, but the equipment was purchased by the volunteers," he 
said Monday. 

      Scott said the city took possession of roughly $100,000 worth of 
equipment Saturday that was purchased with Wicomico County funds and state 
grants. The property is used to extricate accident victims from automobiles. 

      City officials and members of Station 2 have frequently been at odds. 
Last year, volunteers threatened to secede over what they said was mistreatment 
of their members by city officials, who made changes in command structures and 
staffing in the department. 

      Though a memorandum of understanding was reached by the two sides last 
May, Scott said conflict has again resurfaced. 

      See said the city is entitled to the property and that consolidating 
Salisbury's rescue vehicles is part of an ongoing effort to streamline the fire 

      "This is not a career versus volunteer issue," See said. 

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      Originally published Tuesday, May 4, 2004


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