[cifnmedia] Chicago Mayor Proposes Fire Code Changes

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Chicago Mayor Proposes Fire Code Changes

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CHICAGO (AP) -- Mayor Richard Daley proposed a requirement for sprinklers in 
commercial high-rises and a ban on locked stairwell doors, less than a month 
after an office building fire killed six people. 

Daley said Wednesday the proposed fire-code changes ``will make every high-rise 
in the city of Chicago a safer place to live and work.'' 

Under his plan, residential buildings and designated landmarks would be exempt 
from the sprinkler requirement, but residential high-rises without sprinklers 
would have to be inspected and evaluated on their safety systems. 

All new buildings with occupied floors more than 35 feet off the ground, about 
four stories, would be required to have sprinklers. The sprinkler requirement 
would be phased in by 2016. 

Building owners also would have to leave the stairwell doors open, install a 
system that unlocks the doors when the fire alarm goes off or a release is 
triggered, or leave the door unlocked at every fifth floor. The six people 
killed in the Oct. 17 fire at the Cook County administration building were 
trapped in smoke-filled stairwells. 

The City Council unanimously passed a similar measure on stairwell locks 
Wednesday that requires the changes within a week. Daley's proposal, which is 
more far-reaching, will now wind its way through the City Council. 


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