[CIAM-F6-Working_Group] World Artistic Games - SportAccord Convention

  • From: Guy Revel <guyrevel@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: ciam-f6-wg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2012 21:56:04 +0200

Dear all,
Following the SportAccord Convention in Quebec, Canada, I received the following message from FAI Secretary General (transmation below) :

"Lors du Congrès SportAccord auquel j'ai participé à fin mai à Québec, j'ai représenté la FAI à une réunion spécifiquement consacrée au projet des SportAccord World Artistic Games. Ce ne sont malheureusement pas de très bonnes nouvelles que nous avons reçues. Les discussions conduites par SportAccord avec deux villes-hôtes potentielles en Chine n'ont pas encore donné les résultats attendus, en particulier en raison de problèmes d'infrastructures et de budget. Vu la situation, SportAccord a entamé des discussions avec d'autres villes potentielles en Asie, en Europe et en Amérique du Nord.

Il est désormais clair que les World Artistic Games n'auront pas lieu en 2012. La probabilité que la première édition soit organisée en 2013 paraît faible. Par contre, les prochaines "fenêtres" les plus probables semblent être mars-avril ou septembre-octobre 2014. Un prochain point d'information aura lieu dans le courant de l'automne 2012, probablement en novembre lors du prochain Forum des Fédérations Internationales ici à Lausanne."

"During the SportAccord Convention in Quebec, Canada,, I represented FAI at a meeting dedicated to the SportAccord World Artistic Games. Unfortunately we didn't get very good news. The discussion conducted by SportAccord with the Chinese potential hosts did not produce the expected results, particularly due to infrastructure and budget problems. In view of these difficulties, SportAccord initiated further negociations with other potential host cities in Asia, Europe and North America.

It is therefore clear that the World Artistic Games will not take place during 2012. The probability that the first edition takes place during 2013 appears to be remote. However, the most probable subsequent time windows appear to be March/April or September/October, 2014. Another information meeting will take place in Autumn, 2012, probably during November at the forthcoming International Sporting Federations Forum in Lausanne."

This means that the World Artistic Games will most certainly be shifted by approximately one year. Due to the delay, we can expect some of the already selected competitors to drop out, so it is necessary to re-think the whole competitors selection so
- Not penalize those competitors who entered the selection contests this year, and
- Still offer a panel of the World's top pilots.

What we have to consider :
- Should the event take place by late 2013 or Spring 2014, it still remains that the whole selection will have to be completed before the 2013-2014 Winter competition season as the final registration process through the FAI office will begin approximately six months before the event, so we should have the whole WArtGames competitors panel complete by the end of the 2012-2013 Winter competition season, in practice in time for the April, 2013 CIAM Bureau meeting.

A positive result, at least, is that it offers the whole 2012-2013 Winter for AMA to set up a proper selection method for the two expected North American competitors.

What to do now is open to discussion and I am looking forward to your input. As said, we can expect at least some of the already selected competitors to be unavailable (or with a degraded competitive level), so obviously some additional AeroMusicals F6B contests taking place by the end of this year or until approximately March, 2013 will be required to fill up the voids. A positive consequence is that, unlike at the beginning of this year, we have time to plan everything and correctly publicize these contests even if, at this point, we still cannot mention the World Artistic Games as such. I remember that Jiri Havel suggested holding a World Cup-like tour, this may be an idea to work out.

So please, I am looking for your input on how to handle things in view of still having, in one year time, the best possible panel of AeroMusicals competitors without penalizing those who made the effort and expenses to qualify already and will still be
willing to compete at the World Artistic Games.

Guy R.

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