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  • From: Guy Revel <guyrevel@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2011 16:51:51 +0200

Dear Jiri,

Don't bother for the location, it is obvious that the host city will take care of providing a suitable sports arena for the various sports involved. Such multi-sports event involves a whole city and a lot of preliminary promotion as well as TV contracts, a prime receipt to find sponsors. SportAccord created theses multi-sports events to promote other sports than the few that benefit from TV and money up to now. One of the aims is to provide money to the sports federation involved so that they can, in turn, promote and finance the sport at their national level. For instance here, while artistic cycling is part of the cycling international federation - rather powerful and apparently not lacking for money - artistic roller skating belongs to the roller skating federation which does not have a very powerful status, the WArtGames should allow more internal promotion. The same should happen with us. At the FAI level, or course, but also at the national level - provided the national federations/association take the opportunity - and at the personal level by showing evidence that our sport is attractive to spectators and media, including TV. I can bet that we could receive more attention from TV than artistic cycling at WArtGames (based on the videos you have seen) it is then up to every pilot to act and not simply wait for everything to come miraculously from above.

About specifically the World Artistic Games, I am being told that the final contract with the host city should be signed by the end of August and that we should wait until the official announcement to tell NACs, so I will refrain to send the final document to the CIAM Bureau until I get the green light. However, due to the short time remaining then before the beginning of the indoor season, it is probably necessary that you and the other members within this Working Group already prepare for it It would be fine to know well in advance the international AeroMusicals contests (that will also be selection contests for the 2013 World Air Games), so I expect at this time Lituania, the Czech Republic, Belgium, possibly Germany (Martin ? ), England and France. It may also be a good idea to tell some of the expected competitors we mentioned earlier about their possible nomination. Donatas, Martin and Fabien, can you do that ? I am especially thinking at the pilots from Belarus, Latvia, Poland, Finland, Israel and USA. Also, who can ask for a video of Ido Segev's indoor performance ?

Now I really need your sponsorship questionnaires as I want to see what needs to be done and how to provide you with the best arguments to find sponsors outside the model area. This may well be useful for the WArtGames and even more for the World Games in Colombia.

Guy R.

At 09:18 21/06/2011, you wrote:
Dear Guy,

You are perfectly right, our indoor free style flying is definitely more attractive than artistic roller skating or cycling. For majority of people are aerobatic models much more unusual than skating or cycling and I hope we have a chance for good popularity of our discipline ? providing that we will find proper place, time and spectators.

 Best regards


Sent: Sunday, June 19, 2011 7:23 PM

Dear all,

If you have a look at the WArtGames draft schedule, you will see that we will share the hall with two other sports on the first day and with only one on the second day.

Out of curiosity, I wanted to know more about these sports:
- Artistic roller skating is roughly identical to ice skating and apparently uses the same size area, so we don't need to bother on this matter, it will be wide enough for us. As for the ceiling, on second thought it depends upon the number of seated spectators - the more seats, the higher the building must be. So most certainly no fear on this matter.

Videos are not that easy to find, a sign that the sport is as obscure as ours ;-) . Here are a couple of them:

Note spectators are few, the sport needs multi-sports games at least as much as we do.

- Artistic cycling shares the same anonimity and, actually, I would call it acrobatic rather than artistic. Here is a video from a championship:

Here again, spectators are visibly mostly just friends & family. However, shows and demos can be quite interesting :

Quite frankly, I believe we can be at least as attractive as thse two sports and probably much more, it will remain for us to be somewhat more professional in the presentation area (competitors behaviour and attire).

So. What do you think ?

Guy R.

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