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Dear all,

Although we are far from having selected the WArtGames competitors, I'd like to start a different thread about all pilots (I'm writing "pilots" because we're speaking "sport", not "hobby" ) so as to present them at every opportunity, be it on the FAI website, a competition Media document or a sponsor resume.

I need a photograph of each of you. At least one. What I need is a photograph presenting you in what I would call "smart sporting" attire. In other words, no fancy shirt with giant sponsor logo, just smart clothing (just thnk how you would want to look on a resume's sheet sent to a potential employer). The photograph with or without a plane, just think that the competitor in question is you and that your equipment (your model) is purely accessory. As I often say, you wouldn't imagine a tennis or a golf player putting forward his racket or his club as the "hero" instead of himself. I need photographs of superior quality. It'sz OK to send me first a low quality JPEG, provided you have a high-resolution version in hand for later use. Don't take me bad, but after I receive your photographs, I will go through them and give you advises on how to improve them and make them really useable for our purpose, which is to present our sports (HTG and Artistic Aerobatics as well as AeroMusicals) as sports to the Media and whichever sporting authority may be worth it. For those coming to the Mons AeroMusicals contest, I intend making the necessary photographs, but don't rely on this, have some made and send them to me as soon as possible. You will see that time will be flowing at an alarming rate and that it is best to complete the basics while there is still time.

Guy R.

At 18:40 05/12/2011, you wrote:
Dear Jiri,

You are right, I should have written "international ranking" and not "World ranking". Moreover the pilots from South Africa and Anstralia do not need any ranking at this time, as they qualify simply by being the best in their respective countries and the only ones representing their continent. A ranking may have been needed for Asia, however, if more candidates would have showed up (it is not yet aside) as freestyle indoor aerobatics is flown, to my knowledge, in such countries as Hong Kong, Korea and, I believe, Singapore and Thailand. Then we would have headache deciding which Asian countries to retain and how many European pilots would remain. Your mention of the first round at WArtGames is not correct. The ranking, at this time, is needed to select the European pilots to be invited to China and this has nothing to do with the competition itself. At this point, there are at least 18 European countries who may submit a list of pilots. But taking into account the pilots already qualified (the pilots from the other continents and the WAG medal winners) there are only 15 places available. So at least for Europe a ranking is an absolute necessity or we coule have 36 pilots nominated by their NAC and we would have the difficult task to select. This is why we had previously agreed on those selection contests, which happen to take place in Belgium and the Czech Republic with still more possible until the end of March. So we will be able to compare pilots and pick up the best ones. I know a few top pilots are already registered for the Mons contest next month and Emil Giezendanner told me last Saturday that he would bring a Swiss team to at least one of these contests.


Guy R.
PS: The 2012 contest calendar should be published and available on the FAI web site before the end of this week.

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Hallo Guy!

I am very sorry, but your sentence ?.... we will be able to establish a fair World ranking ..." is slightly irritating me! On which place you will put Tetsuo Onda? Where will be placed the pilots from Australia and South Africa? Yes, it looks like we will be able to make selection of 24 good pilots from at least 4 continents, but definitely we are not able to create any ranking of them because we do not have chance to make direct comparison under same conditions! More over we do not need any ranking of them, in first round of WArtG contest they can draw the starting numbers and in second and next rounds they will be starting in accordance with the previous results.

Best regards


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Hello Ken,

This is very good news. While we will discuss this within the F6 Working Group, I see no problem at Tetsuo Onda being the invited competitor for Asia just as Chris Harris will be the invited competitor for Africa. The case of the projected competitor from China is completely different as, as you may remember, we simply decided to offer a place to a competitor from the host country.

The very good thing is that we will then be able to establish a fair World ranking with direct comparison made possible. We will then be able to evaluate new pilots from most any country for the following World event, be it World Air Games, World Games or World Artistic Games. I will come back to the matter after the CIAM Bureau meeting that takes place this week end.

Guy R.

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Dear Guy,

Sorry for not communicate with you so long.
I am now working to send one pilot (Mr. Tetsuo Onda Winner of F3P 2011 Pre Japan championship ) to be at World Artistic Games in China. I am not sure he can able to be there at moment but we sure we will try heard. Here you can see his performance at F3P 2011 Pre Japan championship. <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXrNLgEj4ls>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXrNLgEj4ls I know that I have to read all your mails which you sent us previously to send competitor to World Artistic Game in China but would you please tell me how we have to do to send Onda to be there roughly?

Best regards,
Ken Hirose
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Dear all,
I had a long conversation this morning with FAI Director General, who has a meeting this afternoon with SportAccord representatives about the World Artistic Games in China. A large part of the meeting will be devoted to details of the contract between SportAccord and FAI, but details of the AeroMusicals competition will also be discussed, so I may be able to tell you more shortly. One new item is that SportAccord wishes at least four continents represented. About North America, I intend to discuss it next week with the US delegate during the CIAM Bureau meeting. About the other continents: Africa : Is there indoor freestyle aerobatics flying in South Africa ? Two years ago, I had the impression it was the case, but no news since then. I hope knowing more in the coming weeks. Oceania: Mike, please get in touch with Chris Brislin. He will represent Australia and FAI at this high-level event, but we need more and better communication. Please provide me with his email address. I have a feeling that some competitors, because they are not part of a National team, consider such events as just another local competition, but it is definitely not the case. I dfefinitely want Chris to be part of the FAI team as the Australian representative. Asia : Still no news from Japan, although I know freestyle indoor aerobatics is taking place. Ken, it is up to you, but it would be strange that no Japanese pilot enter such an event. I was hinted against a Chinese 25th competitor. In other words, we have to inform ASAP the Chinese delegate about the WArtGames, so they can prepare and submit one or two pilots. This will have to be done through the CIAM Bureau after the meeting next week. Europe : I have been given names of a few high-level pilots from Russia, Bielorussia and Latvia, but no contact and no email address. Donatas, could you please provide the information ? Lithuania : What is the present situation ? The Lithuanian Open Championaship is not on the FAI contest calendar as expected, but in any case an AeroMusicals contest there would enable participation from Finland, Latvia, Poland and Bielorussia at a minimum and may be just what some pilots want to earn a free ticket to China. With the following CIAM Bureau meeting taking place in early April, such a contest may take place until late March, but not later as the final list of WArtGames pilots has to be validated by the CIAM Bureau before the FAI office sends letters to the NACs for approval.
Don't forget also the Prague AeroMusicals contest on February 11.
So Mike, Ken, Donatas, it is now up to you for action !
Best regards,
Guy R.

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