[CIAM-F6-Working_Group] Re: Official FAI Aeromusical contests in Belgium

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  • Date: Tue, 01 Nov 2011 18:23:17 +0100

Le 1/11/2011 14:19, Jiří Havel a écrit :

Dear Robert,

Our F6B AeroMusicals contest in Prague (11. 02. 2012) is going to be unfortunately in collision with your contest in Lommel!!! It is bad luck but the owner of the hall in Prague is not giving to us any other possible free term so that we are not able to move with it forwards or backwards. Our contest will be in FAI International Calendar as well.

Best regards



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Dear CIAM F6 list readers,
For the time being, we are actively preparing two international FAI competitions in Belgium during next year's first months. Probable (still provisional !) dates are February 11&12 in Lommel (north-east of Belgium) and probably March 23 & 24 or March 30 & April 1st in Mons (south-west of Belgium). If we succeed in our negociations (and this should be concluded for both flying sites by the end of this week), both competitions will be officially entered as international events on the CIAM calendar and they will be centered on F6B Aeromusicals. I will mark them as "WAG selection contests" in order to qualify them for the selection for 2012 World Artistic Games in China. You are welcome to manifest your interest for these contests, but the main idea is to alert everyone that these are probably the only dates available for us in that period of next year. With the addition of the French March 3 to 5 2012 IITOP meeting in France, close to Paris, this would already become a reasonable assortment of competitions to prepare for the WArtG2012 delegation. If anyone on this list knows about other projects of international Indoor meetings during this winter and next spring, please communicate
the information, so that we prevent clashes of dates!
Greetings to all, and prepare your models and music !
Robert Herzog
CIAM delegate Belgium

      *Robert Herzog*
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Hello, Jiri.
Too bad that we and the FAI do not keep a reasonable international competitions calendar up-to-date well in advance. Waiting for next april plenary meeting to publish the 2012 competitions is nonsense. It could and would help avoiding clashes... As you can guess, the same problem exists on our side. We have to struggle and negociate to obtain a flying hall at reasonable cost and when we succeed, there is only one choice left... Thus, you will not be available to work in our jury ...! Sorry, you were on my list of possibles.
I wish you the best success.

     Robert Herzog
     Elewijtsesteenweg 190
     B-1980 Eppegem BELGIUM
     T.+32 15 621004 GSM +32 495 303954

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