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  • From: Michael O'Reilly <mike@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 4 May 2012 10:18:46 +0930

I agree that we should invite a Chinese pilot, but if the venue and date is not 
fixed shortly it will be very difficult for overseas pilots to attend. 

I have some contacts in Shanghai who fly indoor aerobatics. I can ask who the 
National Champion is if you like?

Mike O'Reilly

On 04/05/2012, at 6:07 AM, "Ernest Mattiussi" <ernest.mattiussi@xxxxxxxxxxxx> 

> Hello all,
> I would prefer option 1) and invite a chinese pilot. As the date is 
> uncertain, it will be very hard for foreign pilots planning to go (job, 
> family, ...).
> Ernest Mattiussi
> Am 03.05.12 16:32, schrieb Guy Revel:
>> Dear all,
>> As some of you know already, the World Artistic Games date is still not
>> set. According to FAI Secretary General, we expect everything to be
>> finalised on May 23rd during the SportAccord Conference in Quebec, Canada.
>> So not only do we still ignore when the actual event will take place
>> (and the initial date of November 18-25 is now highly unlikely), but the
>> event still cannot be made public, so it was not possible during the
>> CIAM Bureau and Plenary meetings to write anything down in the minutes
>> nor to publicly address all the delegates on the matter, thus relying
>> only on private discussions.
>> I had such a discussion with AMA President Bob Brown. AMA will conduct
>> (a) selection contest(s) to pick up the two US representatives, so this
>> matter appears to be settled at least.
>> On the other hand, China was not represented this year, so it was not
>> possible to discuss directly about a wildcard Chinese competitor at the
>> World Artistic Games. Remember indoor freestyle is not flown yet in
>> China (to the best of my knowledge), so the planned invitation was
>> purely to have a Chinese competitor at a chinese event, so as to enhance
>> the local interest.
>> I would like your opinion on the options we now have :
>> 1) Send a written invitation to the Chinese Aero Club to nominate one
>> pilot (although we don't know yet when the event will take place). Or
>> 2) Try and get competitors from other countries. From the private
>> conversations I had during the CIAM Plenary, at least Canada and New
>> Zealand may send one pilot. Please notice the competitors' rostrum will
>> be full with just one pilot replacing the expected Chinese pilot.
>> Please respond ASAP. We don't know how much time we have before
>> everything will finally move forward but we must be ready with only
>> slight adjustments to be made whenever necessary.
>> Guy R.
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