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Le 26/10/2013 21:35, Guy Revel a écrit :
Dear all,

As some of you know, I led a small team of two AeroMusicals pilots at the World Games in Cali, Colombia, July 27-August 4. Pilots were Alan Goljevscek from Slovenia and Andres Leoni from Spain. A third (USA) pilot was to come, but failed to respond at the time of buying the flight tickets. If you don't know, the World Games are the second largest multi-sports event after the Olympic Games, featuring only non olympic sports. This year it meant approximately 4,200 competitors from 120 countries, 31 official sports plus 5 invited sports. AeroMusicals was flown as a demo sport, sharing a hall with Jiu-Jitsu and Wushu/Kung fu. The aim was to provide a world-wide exposition to our sport (spectators and TV) and it was a great success with obvious spectators acclaim (about 3,000 spectators every day in the hall) and an incredible number of TV interviews, both live and recorded. The ultimate goal is to have AeroMusicals included in the list of World Games official sports, probably not in 2017 (the World Games take place every 4 years) but at the following one.

What did I learn in Colombia, watching the AeroMusicals demos and a number of other sports ? - One thing for sure : a competitive sport is, for the participants, a genuine competition where the best should be the winner and, for the spectators, a proper entertainment in which the progress of the action is easy to follow and understand. If you think at many other sports, you will notice a common point : there is a running commentary which contributes to the interest build up. In other words, there should never be a moment of silence. In most model clubs there is at least one member who enjoys spending the day at the microphone during model shows, but this never happens at competitions where it would be much more profitable promoting aeromodelling as a sport.

*Now I have a question : Should a commentator be mentioned in the F6 competition rules**?*
I'm not convinced this should be part of the rules, but definitely to be recommended to the organiser.

- Watching a number of competition sports based on scoring by judges, you will notice that for the most parts, if not every time, the scores are reduced to 10 (the ideal score) with two or three decimals. It makes it much easier for spectators to understand and follow the proceedings. For Artistic Aerobatics (F6A) and AeroMusicals (F6B) I propose to reduce the scores (at each round) to 10. That is, keeping the present scoring to 60 points per judge, then dividing the total score by 18 (if 3 judges) or 30 (if 5 judges) to obtain the actual displayed score.

*Do you agree with this proposal ?*
YES, absolutely !

- Finally, scoring could be a little bit more elaborate, there should not be any difficulty nowadays to set up a proper scoring software. At competitions such as World Games or World Air Games, there is (or will be) an electronic system t-o compute and display the scores. So in my mind a proper system should be made of two parts (with the proper interface) : an electronic system to input the individual scores (a software running on smartphones or tablets should be ideal) and a computing system collecting the scores from each judge and displaying the computed results. In view of the World Air Games 2015 it appears necessary that an electronic scoring system be in place and operational. This means, at the very least, that such a system must be included in the rules, so a proposal is necessary to be voted upon at the next (April 11th & 12th, 2014) CIAM Plenary and the proposal sent before November 15th. We will leave until soon the actual definition of a suitable electronic scoring system. For now, we only need to have this possibility in the rules.
**Do you agree writing in the F6A & F6B rules**that an electronic scoring system (to be approved by the F6 Working Group and, ultimately, by CIAM) may be used in place of writing the scores by hand ?**
**Do you agree that, in such a case, fractions of points may be used**?*
YES to both questions

This is "just in case" to let everything open until we define a proper electronic scoring system. This will be discussed in my next message. Please give me your opinion, answer clearly to the four questions and reply ASAP.

Guy R.

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