:: Ikuzou !!:: [Sempai to Okita] Sempai, The School Wanderer.

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::Meet Sempai, The School Wanderer::

What is the force that drives man? This is a question left unanswered for the 
one who is called Senpai. He is only one of the many wanderers found in today's 
Japanese schools.

He no longer finds the daily rigorous rituals of Japanese education necessary. 
He is tired of the systematic design of his culture.

He doesn't dream of entering a good high school, let alone a good university. 
Nor does he dream about joining a big company in order to sit absent mindedly 
behind a desk and drink away his life in expensive snack and hostess bars in 
the glitzy Ginza district of Tokyo. The traditional conformity of life for 
Japanese Sarariman.

He only wants to live life, doing what he wants and what he feels. Senpai 
However has a warm gentle heart and good head. He is a product of his decaying 
and stagnant society.

The irony of it is that he is not even aware of the conditions mentioned above, 
nor does he really care.


As the assembly drew to a close we come upon three figures wandering the empty 
halls of Minamijou Chugakou. One is a tall white haired figure. he speaks in a 
non caring way.

"You guys better go check on Okita, bring him to my office, I want to have a 
word with him."

"Hai Senpai"

The two figures left and Senpai turned and slipped away into a lose panelling 
on a nearby wall.

Moments later, the other guys arrived with okita. They removed the pillow 
casing from his head. After Okita's eyes had adjusted to the dim lighting of 
the room he could make out the details of his surroundings.

Okita was in a small room, that was unimaginably clean. Many posters decorated 
the walls and their was an old fashioned squatter toilet in the corner. On the 
far side was a wide desk, like a teachers and on top of it were various action 
figures. Sitting at the desk was Senpai. He was handling and posing several 
figures on the desk. In the senter of the room was a small low-sitting table 
covered by a black cloth with several markings on it. Okita recognized that as 
playing mad for the insanely popular collectible card game, Sage.

After a moment of long silence, senpai finally acknoldged Okita's precense and 
turned to address.

First off You will only call me Senpai. My first name is irrelevant to you, my 
last name if you must know is Komatsu, but you will only call me Senpai.

Next, Im not a bully and neither are you or your friends, If I ever catch you 
bullying someone, anyone, I will personally handle you.

We are protectors of Minamijou. Thats it. The only real bullies in this school 
are Ashura and his cronies. That was an interesting thing you did earlier, but 
however, it was stupid. Ashura has developed his skill and power in the city 
for quite a long time and not much is known about him. Im not even sure if he's 
a male of female....

I dont want to hear you speak of that matter anymore, your time will come, You 
know the story of the four great Samurai who waited 20 years before extracting 
revenge for the death of their shogun. However, I also respect Miyamoto 
Mushashi, who frowns on that incident, now legend, and I also respect your 
wishes. But thinks work a little differently now."

Well, now I have a little inside information for you, and it will be your first 
test, you can't tell your friends Aki and Rui, because they are not, will not 
be apart of this crew. But Im sure they will help...."

Senpai called the others to come closer and once everyone was closer than 
earshot he began.

"It's like this, just after school this. . . "

(OOC, the current speed of this RPG will be pretty much the pace of this RPG, I 
hope this okay for everyone, this means everyone has more n enough time to send 
posts in....)

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