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Aritomo had just looked behind to see if Kaze was there, and surprisingly he was, although looking a little nervous about the whole thing. Not that Aritomo would catch on to it though.

They kept walking to the shoe lockers with Aritomo talking continuously of demons and Ki-sucking monsters. Kaze listened half-heartedly while thinking of what that feeling toward the back of the school could mean. Still being young he had no real experience to draw on.

<But as Ojii-san would say "You can't be a hero hiding underneath your bed. Got to live that life you create inside your head." No wait...wasn't that on the theme song to some show I used to watch? Whatever, I suppose its true no matter who said it.>


Kaze looked up from his musings to see Aritomo in typical anime triumph stance like when someone finds a special item, only with Ari it was a camera. At first he was just as surprised as the rest of the people around.

"If it is phantoms though Kaze-kun... I shall seal them with this SHAININGU KAMERA!"

If this was a real anime series one would have seen a small tear drop appear around Kaze's head as he sighed.

A shoe had also just landed behind Kaze.

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