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Turn III Homeroom Blues
 will be finished on Friday morning, Saturday nite My time.  

Turn IV UGH! 
is very very short, I expect it to be resloved in almost less than two days.  

The plot thickens a bit with Turn VI  Kaos. 
 I expect all players to be posting by then!!!

And After Turn VI we Move on to the Turn VII The Meeting which is the Final 
Turn for Episode 1.  After which me move on to episode II. Strange Happenings.

Dont forget to send me information of things you are doing continously, that 
develop your character.  These will a play a role in game decisions.  For 
example if your character Goes to Cram School every wednesday.  Or Plays 
1000yen worth of dancing games at the gamecenter every saturday nite which has 
made him nimble with improved agility.  This is also how your character will 
gain any new skills you want.

Also no more school on saturdays as of Today. So saturdays are free to have 
fun!!! --This is also true in real life, as the Japanese government board of 
Education has changed the policy to no school on saturdays! At my school seems 
the teachers are happier about this than the students! hahahah

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