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Episode 1:  Turn 4, Ugh!
Post by: Fukumitsu Aritomo


Aritomo had been led to the principal's office by Anataki, <quite well
developed girl for a second grader> Ari thought to himself as he stood out
side of the principals office.  Aritomo didn't hesitate to knock on the
prinicpals door.  He was asked to wait, until the principal was finished
with his current business and then was admitted.  Aritomo saw Okita leaving
the office just as he entered.

"Akito-kun..." Aritomo was about to walk over to him and ask him what
happened but the prinicipal called him further inside.

"Fukumitsu Aritomo."  The Mr. Snider said and looked to Aritomo.  "Come in."

"H... Hai!"  Aritomo hurried over to the desk and bowed deeply.  "Dozo
yorushiku kouchou-sensei."

Mr. Snider's face lightened and he smiled sincerely.  "Gomen nasai
Aritomo-kun, I've had a rather busy day with trouble making students.  What
was it that you needed to talk to me about?"

"Kouchou-sensei," Aritomo drew out an official document from his uniform
jacket, it was in a sealed envelope with his mothers name written on it,
addressed to the principal of Minamijou.  "My mother and father wanted me to
meet with you so that I could give you this."  He placed the envelope on the
desk.  "My parents would like to donate money to the school from the tuition
they would have paid for me to go to school in Tokyo."

"Ah ha."  Mr. Snider steepled his fingers.  "Your parents are... Fukumitsu
Miho and Fukumitsu Yamada, the doctor and business man from the Shibuya
district in Tokyo?"

"Hai."  Aritomo and Mr. Snider spoke for a short while longer, Aritomo had
not realized that Mr. Snider was the brother of one of his sisters teachers
at the high school she attended in Tokyo, and that he had heard his
brother's praise for her often.

Aritomo excused himself from the principal's office saying that he needed to
get back to his class before he was counted as absent.  Aritomo left and Mr.
Snider began to open the envelope, he was surprised to see the fairly large
donation, and additional sum of money signed directly to him, to ensure
Aritomo's safety away from Tokyo.

* * *

Aritomo spent most of the day paying a great deal of attention to what all
of his teachers had to say.  While his mind did wander on occassion he was
quick to offer his assistance to any of the teachers that needed something
to be done.  He remained very interested in that shack behind the school,
and Okita was still missing from class, even though Aritomo had seen him
leave Snider's office right before he had entered to speak with

While he was sitting there devising his plans on how to sneak around the
school and check out the shack, along with ways to record all the recent
happenings in the news, Ari engaged in conversation with other students in
the class.

"Ari-chan, are you going to kitte mitte after classes?"  A girl in the class
asked him as students began to put their books in their bags and get ready
to leave in anticipation of the bell.

"Maybe... I haven't decided yet, I want to explore around the school some

Expecting the bell, they got the PA instead:

Kouchou Sensei: ">>Attention, students. This is Headmaster Snida. Due to
recent kidnappings, break ins, and the incedent in Tokyo there will be a
mandatory student body meeting in the lower Gym in a half hour. All students
will show up to attend or be disciplined. That is all.<<"

"Shimata.." one of the students sighed and picked up his book bag.  "Well we
have a half an hour, I'm gonna go to the gym now."

Aritomo stood up and looked around.  "I'm gonna explore."  He smiled big and
ran out of the room, he rounded the corner as he darted through the halls
towards Z kumi's homeroom where he stopped outside the door and jumped up
waving to try and catch Junpuu Kaze's attention.  "Kaze-kun!"

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