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Episode 1, Turn 2: The Tour

Most of the Students of Minamijou had rolled in through front gates and were 
pandering around the halls. The last few stragglers were standing in the genkan 
putting on their Punma school sneakers. Third graders were finishing up their 
club practices and were heading toward homerooms some stopped to gawk at the 
man standing in the hall wearing a cape talking with a woman they'd never seen 

The second graders were play fighting and joking around in the hall laughing at 
the first graders. Why were they laughing? Well because most of the first 
graders looked frightened and tense. The new students stood around looking 
scared and confused, some wishing that they could go back to Shougakou.

The first graders had given up hope once they saw the site of a very huge and 
formidable looking figure stomping down the hall opposite of where the two new 
teachers were standing. They all could feel the subtle vibrations of each step 
the figure took. 

On closer inspection it could be seen that he was eating a McDonnie's Cheesu 
Baga, possibly an old once since the grease had become a pale white coagulated 
mess. His uniform was all black, the gold buttons lacked of shine and the three 
in middle were missing allowing a mass of white t-shirt to peek from 

As he came even closer, the blue name tag he wore revealed that the baby giant 
was indeed a second grader. The two characters on his name tag meant 'big' and 

As he finally reached the small group standing in the center of the school, 
Professor Hades didn't seem so scary, as he was dwarfed by the small planet 
that stood almost next him. 

"You must be Professor Hades", the figure squeaked and then bowed as best he 
could but still could not bring his shaved head much lower than Hades' standing 
position. "Oharu desu." His voice was high pitched with annoyance and very, 
very nasal. A few first graders snickered, others were still stunned and 
shocked into silence.

Oharu then turned to Ms. Sakura, wiped his hand on his pants leg and then 
outstretched it mumbling, "...Akshu..." and in a louder voice he squeaked in 

"Sakura Sensei, Haouwayouu, Imfuainesankyuanyuu?"

Just at that moment there was a lound shrill over the PA system.

>>Whazzzzzup! Minamijou Chu Ooo-OOo- OOOOOOOOOOOO!<<

[girls all scream Whazzup!]

>>Ohai Yo ------!<<

The sound of two girls' voices over could be heard of the PA as well,

>>Go! Zaimus, Go Zaimus!!<<

Oharu walked over to the first graders who were all reeling from the sound, 
other, more veteran, students didn't fare much better with their eyes bulging 
and mouths twisting. Secretary Chuchia San and her assistant were on the floor 
jerking frantically with their hands over their ears.

Oharu quickly spoke to comfort everyone, "Oh that's Jun Jones, our school 
announcer. He always has to do a show everymorning. He'll play some music soon".

Jun: >>Im the host with the Most, Jun Jones, better known as the J-Lubbah, the 
Coolin All The Time, cause Im so fine, Can you HEAR ME!! , 

And I'll be comin', 


keep it commin' 



>>Swiky wiky wiky<<

at ya 

each and every morning in your FACE --Wah wa wa Whuuht! Jun Jones in the A.M, 
We ain't Playin'!!

Ei and Risa: "Yo Lock Zose Beatsu Lubbah!"

Suddenly the music began to play and the beats and scratches started to shake 
the entire foundation of the school, causing people to trip. Chaos reigned 
uncontrollably as small fissures started to form in the walls and the windows 
began to crack. 

Some of the students in the Hip Hop Martial Arts Gymnastic Club mysteriously 
appeared in front of the new teachers and students and ripped off their 
uniforms. They started to Break and Pop in the in the center of the school 
which led into a Kung-fu style break dancing battle. Teachers stood around, 
slapping their foreheads and groanning.

Ei and Risa: >>Keep Real Catto, its about time to take some announcements from 
our guests:

Jun: You Light, letsu do et! 

The three of them: Whatsu up Ya'll, Whatcha Got ta say? Who's on the Mic with 
Ei, Risa, and J.?? 

Guest: Well I'd just like to say to the new.........

Jun: Yo, enough of that....thank you Principal Snida.....lets get this party 
started Rhi~~ght! Now enough of the intros, lets get to whats going down. 

All new students and Teachers are to meet Oharu-Kun in front of the students 
genkan for their welcome tour of the school. ...and dont be afraid he's just a 
big marshmellow....

After that they had better get wis their home room teachers as soon as possible 
so they can get your name on the roll amd designate class keepers and cleaning 
areas. And to any one of them frontin like they cleaning but aint, well just 
dont. The ambiguously gay, devious Minamijou chu Hall Montior and teacher's 
pet, Ashura, is quite persuasive, and his minions resourceful! 

And finally the Minamijou Chu Mecha Designs Workshop Club would like to invite 
you to their seminar on Bipedal robots and their price effictiveness in regards 
to tatical warfare and efficiency. 

And more finally, Sign ups for clubs will begin in two weeks! 

And even more finally, this Is J-Lubbah and His Girls Ei and Risa, signing off 
until the afternoon.......

Everybody, anybody, SCREEEEAAAM.

>>swiky, sw-sw-swiky<<

Oharu turned to the group to check if they were all there.


[OOC: The GM will speak for Oharu through out this turn]

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