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  • From: "J. Y. Miller" <j.y.miller@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "chs-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <chs-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2013 08:49:18 -0500

The CHS-L list is now hosted at a different domain. When I moved my web host 
because of some poor service issues from MacHighway, my new host would not 
permit mailing list with more than 100 members. I did not know that until I 
attempted to subscribe my 101st member. 

I found a new mailing list host for my two lists that are larger than 100. I 
then subscribed everyone to the new mailing list and posted a message 
explaining this. I did not those first 100 however until this morning. 

When Keith attempted to post to the OLD address, his post was not accepted 
because he was not one of that first 100.

When I saw that, I reported his message RE the Mountain View game with a 
reminder to use the NEW address. I then removed 99 of those first 100. I left 
my own address there so I would see if anyone used the old address.

So far, two subscribers who received the un-subscribe notice have responded and 
said they do not want to be unsubscribed.

The NEW and now the ONLY posting address for the CHS-L list is 

Sorry for the confusion.

J. Y.

           J. Y. Miller      Glasgow, MO

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