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8/30/13 TIGERS 28 Mountain View Liberty 60

A hot, muggy, mosquito-infested night at Hopke Field as two of the best teams 
in Missouri Class 2 met to open the 2013 season. An evenly matched 1st half 
turned into a route in the 2nd half, as the Tigers simply could not stop the 
Eagles air-assault.

The Tigers, wearing their red over red unis would receive to opening kick from 
the all-white clad Eagles. The Tigers started from their own 37. Tiger senior 
Darrell Monroe would get the first carry of the season, and ran for 6 yards. 
Monroe carried for 2 on 2nd down. On third and 3, Tiger senior QB Tyler Grissom 
moved the chains with a 5 yard run. Monroe then carried for 6. Sophomore 
Rodrick Jones then ran for 6, down to the Liberty 38. Grissom carried for 1 
yard. On 2nd and 9, the Tigers would fumble, giving the ball to the Eagles on 
the Liberty 35. The Eagles would quickly go 3 and punt, with an incomplete pass 
and 2 Bryan Porter carries netted 1 yard. Following the punt, the Tigers took 
over on their own 20. A Tiger penalty moved the ball back to the 15.

As Tiger fans have become accustomed to in recent years, it didn't take the 
Tigers long to cover the 85 yards. Monroe carried for 31, followed by a 34 yard 
run by Jones. Jones then carried for 3. Monroe would then score from the 17. 
The PAT failed. TIGERS 6 Liberty 0

Liberty would start their next drive from their own 34, but on 1st down the 
Tigers forced a fumble and recovered at the Liberty 37. 

Monroe carried for 2, and Grissom then ran for 2. Rod Jones had another great 
carry for a 29 yard gain. Grissom then ran for 2 to the Liberty 2, but yet 
another Tiger penalty would move the ball back to the 7. Grissom carried twice 
for a net gain of 1 setting up a 4th and goal from the 6. Grissom's pass was 
deflected by an Eagle defender right into the waiting arms of Tiger Senior, 
Colt Callens. Touchdown Tigers. The 2 point play failed, but the Tigers led, 

The score seemed to light a fire under the Liberty offense, who would take over 
from their own 35. Liberty senior QB Jaelon Acklin carried for 25. Then he 
carried for 8 more. Junior Bryan Porter then ran for 13. Acklin was stopped for 
no gain. Porter carried for 4. Then, something happened that would happen many 
times again…Acklin found senior James Denton with a 19 yard TD pass. The PAT 
failed, but Liberty was on the board, 12-6.

The next Tiger drive started from the Tigers' 47 (as almost all night, Liberty 
chose not to kick the ball deep). The Tigers moved the ball well, with the 
drive basically being stopped by another Tiger penalty. Monroe was stopped for 
a loss of 2 on 1st down. Grissom hit junior Jeremy Grant with a 13 yard pass, 
and then found junior Hunter Trevathan with a 6 yard pass. Grissom then carried 
for 4 yards and a 1st down. An incomplete pass on 1st down, and then Monroe 
carried for 7 yards, setting up a 3rd and 3. A Tiger receiver moved, and 
instead of 3rd and 3 it was now 3rd and 8. Grissom threw an incomplete pass on 
3rd down, and then on 4th down hit Tiger senior Abdule Johnson with a 7 yard 
pass…one yard shy of the 1st.

It sure didn't take Liberty long to cover the 80 yards. An offsides penalty 
gave the Eagles 5. Then Acklin passed to Denton for 59 yards. Porter ran for 9. 
Then Acklin to Denton again for the 7 yard TD. Denton added the PAT giving the 
Eagles the lead, 12-13.

After another short kick, the Tigers took over from midfield. Monroe ran for 8, 
and then for 1. Jones gained just enough to give the Tigers a 1st down. But the 
Tiger drive would quickly stall after an incomplete pass, a 1 yard Colt Callens 
run, and a 1 yard Callens reception. The Tigers punted, with Denton receiving 
the punt at his own 5 yardline. It REALLY didn't take the Eagles long to score 
from their, as Acklin weaved and bobbed his way through the Tiger punt coverage 
team for an amazing 95 yard punt return. Denton added the PAT, increasing the 
Eagle lead to 12-20. 

The Tigers began from their own 35, but moved backward after a loss of 2 by 
Grissom and another Tiger penalty. On 3rd and 20, Grissom hit Monroe with a 
perfect strike between 2 defenders, and Monroe raced into the endzone for a 65 
yard score. Tiger senior Jamal Johnson, added the 2 point run, and the Tigers 
knotted the scored at 20-20.

The Eagles would immediately untie that knot, when Acklin hit Denton with, 
ironically, a 65 yard TD pass. Denton was not too out of breath, and added the 
PAT, giving the Eagles a 20-27 lead. 

The Tigers quickly went 3 and punt, and the Eagles would drive the ball 
deep…very deep into Tiger territory. But facing a 1st and goal from the 6, the 
Tiger defense held, stopping the Eagles at the 3 on 4th down.

Monroe carried for 13, Jamal Johnson carried for 12, and then half came to an 

The 3rd quarter would see the Tigers get a taste of the medicine that they have 
been dishing out to others in recent years, as the Eagles would score 3 times 
before the quarter was halfway over. Acklin to Denton for 45 yards. Denton 
added the PAT. 20-34 Tigers go 3 and punt, with the punt being blocked. Acklin 
to Denton for 28 yards. PAT failed. 20-40 Then the Eagles shook things up a bit 
when Acklin flipped the ball to Denton, who threw a 32 yard TD pass to junior 
Jansen Acklin. The 2point run was stuffed by the Tigers, but Liberty was now in 
complete control, leading 20-46.

Tiger Pride showed up, as the Tigers quickly moved the ball downfield on their 
next possession. Grissom for 9. Monroe for 24. Jones for 32. Then, Jamal 
Johnson would take it in on a 7 yard TD run. Monroe added the 2 point run, 
cutting into the Eagles lead, 28-46. Unfortunately for Tiger fans, that would 
be the last score of the night for the Tigers.

The Eagles added scores in the 4th quarter when Acklin broke loose for a 60 
yard run. Denton added the PAT. 28-53 

Following several nice Porter runs, Acklin would race into the endzone one last 
time, from 8 yards out. Denton added the PAT, making the score 28-60, which is 
where it would remain until the clock expired.


1st Quarter:

5:35 TIGERS: Darrell Monroe 17 yard run
PAT fails
TIGERS 6 Eagles 0

1:42 TIGERS: Tyler Grissom 6 yard pass to Colt Callens
2point fails
TIGERS 12 Eagles 0

2nd Quarter:

11:54 Eagles: Jaelon Acklin 19 yard pass to James Denton
PAT fails
TIGERS 12 Eagles 6

8:09 Eagles: Acklin 7 yard pass to Denton
Denton PAT
TIGERS 12 Eagles 13

5:19 Eagles: Acklin 95 yard punt return
Denton PAT
TIGERS 12 Eagles 20

3:18 TIGERS: Grissom 65 yard pass to Monroe
Jamal Johnson run
TIGERS 20 Eagles 20

3:07 Eagles: Acklin 65 yard pass to Denton
Denton PAT
TIGERS 20 Eagles 27

3rd Quarter:

10:21 Eagles: Acklin 45 yard pass to Denton
Denton PAT

7:58 Eagles: Acklin 28 yard pass to Denton
PAT fails

6:02 Eagles: Denton 32 yard pass to Jansen Acklin
2 point fails

4:14 TIGERS: Jamal Johnson 7 yard run
Monroe run

4th Quarter:

9:41 Eagles: Acklin 60 yard run
Denton PAT

5:53 Eagles: Acklin 8 yard run
Denton PAT


Some final thoughts on tonight's game:

In no particular order…James Denton, Jaelon Acklin and Darrell Monroe are three 
of the top players in the state of Missouri…regardless of class. Each is 
physical, speedy, quick, and athletic. It was a pleasure to get to see them all 
shine tonight…although personally I would have preferred a little less shining 
from the Liberty guys! ;-) I talked to both Acklin and Dento after the game, 
and in addition to being great players, they seemed to be genuinely nice young 
men. Acklin and I promised to follow each other on Twitter!

I am proud of my Tigers. The first half was about as evenly matched as it could 
have been. In the 2nd half when the Eagles started pulling away, the Tigers 
could have quit, but they didn't…they kept fighting until the end. Great effort 
fellas…you played a great game against an amazingly talented Class 2 team. 

That being said, there is still much work and improvement that needs to be 
done…in every aspect of the game…offense, defense, and special teams. I am more 
than confident that my Tigers will do the work and will show improvement 
throughout the season, much as they did last year. This game is over….learn 
from what you did right and learn from your mistakes. 2013 can be another 
banner year for the Tigers, so long as we continue to improve from week to week.

The 0-1 Tigers will travel to Malden to take on the 1-0 Greenwave next Friday 
night. I hope to see a bunch of red and white wearing Tiger fans there next 

GO TIGERS GO!!! Once a Tiger…always a Tiger!!!

Here are some "unofficial" stats from a few of those great athletes:


Monroe: 19 carries for 142 yards and a TD; 2 catches for 65 yards and a TD
Rod Jones: 8 carries for 103 yards


Acklin: 13 for 18, 281 yards and 5 TDs; 8 carries for 112 yards and 2 TDs; and 
a 95 yard punt return for TD
Denton: 8 catches for 234 yards and 5 TDs; 1 for 1 passing for 33 yards and a TD
Porter: 20 carries for 104 yards

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