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Great report Keith. Thanks for the middle-of-the-night dedication :)

Byron Harrell '81

On Oct 26, 2013, at 3:49 AM, "W. Keith Currie" <wkcurrie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> October 25, 2013  Caruthersville  49  Ste. Genevieve  42
> A clear but very cold night in Ste. Genevieve (hereinafter referred to as SG) 
> as our Tigers took on a very tough SG team.  Temperatures may have been in 
> the 30s, but the offenses were on fire in the first half which ended with the 
> score knotted at 35-35.  The defenses warmed up in the 2nd half, and the 3rd 
> quarter would come to an end with the score tied at 42-42.  The Tigers 
> defense would make a couple of crucial stops in the 4th quarter, shutting out 
> SG, while the Tiger offense scored the lone TD of the quarter, winning an 
> amazingly exciting game, 49-42!
> My wife told me almost an hour ago that it is too late to type my summary, 
> but I just had to type something tonight.  Perhaps tomorrow (or later today, 
> that is) I will add a more detailed summary, but just let me say "what a 
> game"!  
> I should also apologize to the SG fans...my program is out in my car, so I 
> will just refer to your players by #...no disrespect intended.
> The Tigers just seemed to have no defensive answer to SG's double-tight, 
> option based offense, as SG methodically moved the ball throughout the 1st 
> half.  But the Tigers answered with big plays.  Neither team ever lead by 
> more than a TD, as the teams literally traded scores throughout the night.  
> A lot of offense to follow, but I must first mention defense.  SG had the 
> ball 1st and goal from the Tigers' 10, but the Tigers defense, led by Joey 
> Middleton, Malik Monroe, Jamal Johnson, Abdul Johnson, Darrell Monroe, Grant 
> Marshall, and the entire Tigers defense would hold SG without letting them 
> score.  On 4th and goal, it was "P Faulk", Peyton Faulkner, making a 
> beautiful open field tackle, saving the TD, dropping the SG receiver at the 
> Tigers 8.
> The Tigers would then strike first on a remarkable 92 yard run by Darrell 
> Monroe, with 3:23 remaining in the 1st quarter.  The PAT failed.  Tigers 6  
> SG 0
> SG answered quickly, with #31 scoring with 1:15 left in the first.  The PAT 
> by #9 gave SG a 7-6 lead. 
> There would be 8 TDs scored in the 2nd quarter, with each team scoring 4.
> With 11:33 remaining in the 2nd quarter, SG scored #23 getting the TD from 4 
> yards out.  #9 added the PAT giving SG a 14-6 lead, and causing much 
> nervousness to the Tigers faithful.
> However, the Tigers answered quickly.  Tigers QB Tyler Grissom would rush for 
> 47 yards down to the SG 9 yardline.  Jamal Johnson scored from there with 
> 10:49 left in the half.  Monroe powered his way in for the 2point conversion, 
> knotting things up at 14-14.
> SG would regain the lead on a 15 yard TD run by #23.  #9 added the PAT giving 
> SG the 14-21 lead.
> Tyler McCaig returned the kickoff to the SG 46.  On 1st down, Tyler Grissom 
> powered his way through the SG defenders and raced 46 yards into the endzone. 
>  Colt Callens added the PAT, tying the game 21-21, with 8:47 left in the half.
> It took SG forever (ok, only about 4 minutes) to regain the lead, when #23 
> scored on a 1 yard run.  #9 added the PAT again putting SG in the lead, 
> 21-28, with 4:17 left in the 2nd.
> The Tigers would start from their own 15 after a touchback on the kickoff, 
> and then a false start penalty.  Monroe carried for 7 yards on 1st down...and 
> for 78 on 2nd down.  A run that you just had to see to believe.  He ran up 
> the middle and was knocked off his feet, flipped over (never being "down"), 
> raced to the outside, put an old school stiff-arm on a defender and then 
> outrace everybody to the house. Callens added the PAT, and again we were 
> tied, 28-28, with 3:31 left in the half.
> SG would respond (thanks to a Tiger offsides penalty giving them a 1st down 
> on 4th and short), and also assisted by a 31 yard run by #23, and an 11 yard 
> run by #31.  #23 would take it in for the score from 4 yards out, and #9 
> added the PAT, again giving SG the lead, 28-35 with just 0:45 left in the 
> half.
> SG kicked off, with the Tigers receiving the kick and stepping out of bounds 
> at the Tigers' 15.  A Tiger false start penalty moved the ball back to the 
> 10, and with less than 35 seconds remaining surely the Tigers couldn't cover 
> the 90 yards to the endzone...or could they?  Monroe carried for 38 yards out 
> to the Tigers' 48.  Grissom spiked the ball with 0:22 left in the half...time 
> for 2 or 3 plays.  The Tigers just needed 1 play, as Grissom threw the ball 
> about 40 yards downfield, where Monroe made an acrobatic catch, kept his 
> balance and stumbled into the endzone with 0:07 seconds remaining.  Callens 
> added the PAT, knotting it up at 35-35!
> Trevonne Leatherwood's kickoff pinned SG deep in their own territory, SG took 
> a knee, and a most exciting half of high school football was over.
> It sure looked like the 2nd half was going to pick up right where the 1st 
> half ended as SG took the kickoff and methodically marched downfield. SG's QB 
> #11 had the big run of the drive, carrying the ball for 41 yards to the 
> Tigers' 3 before being knocked out of bounds by Monroe.  #31 would take it in 
> for the score from 3 yards out.  #9 added the PAT.  SG would lead, but for 
> the last time, 35-42 with 9:20 left in the 3rd.
> Tyler McCaig put the Tigers in good field position, returning the kick to the 
> Tigers' 45.  Monroe ran for 24 yards.  Grissom carried for 8.  Rod Jones ran 
> for 9 yards, and then again for 2 yards.  Hunter Trevathan slipped down for a 
> 1 yard gain.  Monroe was then stacked up for a loss of 2.  Grissom would then 
> take it in from 13 yards out.  Callens added the PAT, locking things up, 
> 42-42, with 6:02 to go in the 3rd quarter.  From there on out, the teams 
> would trade a couple of possessions with no scoring.
> The 4th quarter would begin much as the 1st quarter began, with a big 
> defensive play from the Tigers defense.  On 4th and 2, Landon Stricklin 
> dropped the SG ballcarrier for a 1 yard gain, giving the Tigers the ball.  
> The Tigers appeared to be poised to take the lead, moving the ball all the 
> way down to the SG 4 yardline, but a strong SG defense and a costly Tiger 
> penalty would force the Tigers to give the ball over on downs.
> The Tiger defense would force SG to punt after 3 downs, and the Tigers would 
> begin from their own 35 yardline, with Monroe on the sideline!
> Rodrick Jones would carry the ball for 12 yards to the 47. Grissom then 
> carried for 5 yards to the SG 48.  Jones moved the ball to the 47.  Grissom 
> then passed to a leaping Colt Callens, for 15 yards to the 32.  Jones then 
> ran for 7 to the 25.  Then, on 2nd and 3, Jones raced around the right end 
> and dived into the endzone, scoring from 25 yards out!  Callens added the 
> PAT, giving the Tigers the lead 49-42 with 3:26 remaining in the game. (Our 
> first lead since it was 6-0)
> SG moved the ball into Tiger territory quickly, and with 1:29 remaining had 
> the ball at the Tigers' 28.  Malik Monroe forced a SG fumble, causing a loss 
> of 11 back to the Tigers' 39.  Now out of timeouts, SG was forced to go to 
> the air.  It didn't work as SG threw 3 incomplete passes and turned the ball 
> over on downs with 0:31 left in the game. 
> Grissom would take a knee, and the clock would expire.  TIGERS  49  Ste. 
> Genevieve  42---FINAL
> The win pushes the Tigers record to 7-1, and assures them of the #1 seed in 
> Class 2 District 1, assuring the Tigers homefield advantage at Hopke Field 
> throughout District Play (the 1st 3 games).
> According to the "official Caruthersville statistician" here are a few 
> C'ville stats:
> Darrell Monroe:
> 16 rushes for 270 yards and 2 TDs;
> 2 catches for 63 yards and 1 TD;
> 1 return for 42 yards.
> 375 yards on 19 touches and 3 TDs.
> 7 solo tackles; 2 assists; and 1.5 tackles for loss.
> Tyler Grissom had 10 carries for 124 yards and 2 TDs, and the TD pass to 
> Monroe.
> Rod Jones had 7 carries for 57 yards and 1 TD (the game winner).
> Jamal Johnson had 3 carries for 51 yards and 1 TD. Jamal also had 13 solo 
> tackles and 6 assists.
> Abdul Johnson had 10 tackles and 8 assists.
> Several great individual efforts and a great win for the Tigers as a team! 
> Congratulations to all of the Tigers, and the Tiger coaching staff:  Head 
> Coach Nathan Morgan, Brad Treece, Stacy Bradshaw and Jimmy Jackson.  Great, 
> great job of making the much needed adjustments which allowed to Tigers to 
> get the W!
> W. Keith Currie
> CHS Class of 1983

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