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I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the time you have spent 
providing detailed commentary on each game over the past years.  I remember 
from my days at the Democrat-Argus how daunting a task it was to keep track of 
every single play and then provide a written account of each.  Those of us who 
no longer live in Caruthersville truly appreciate your dedication...both to the 
game and to Tiger teams past and present.  It is obvious that you have a 
personal relationship with most of these players, and I would consider you to 
be THE most dedicated Tiger football fan since Ralph Clayton.

It has been fun "watching" the Tigers climb through the state ranks during 
their playoff battles the past few years.  Thanks for making that possible.

Gary Figgins
Class of '86

On Nov 17, 2013, at 9:41 PM, W. Keith Currie wrote:

November 16, 2013  TIGERS  41  Lutheran North  56
As most of you know, I have typed a “biased summary” of every Caruthersville 
Tiger football game, win or lose, for the last 10 years.  Due to my personal 
“bias”, I can honestly say that this will be the most difficult summary that I 
have ever had to type.  You see, my oldest daughter is a senior, and she is one 
of the most devoted Caruthersville Tigers fans out there.  We were kidding her 
that she has shed more tears over lost Tigers games than over boys!  ;-)  This 
years’ Senior Tigers will always have a special place in my heart.  I have 
literally seen EVERY game these boys have ever played as Tigers, from 7th 
grade…all the way until today.  It has truly been an honor to watch those guys 
grow into young men.  It also made it easy as they never lost a game in 7th 
grade or 8th grade, and amassed a 43-8 total record as varsity Tigers.  More on 
them and their accomplishments later…on to the summary.
It was a colder than expected day in the northern St. Louis area as the 
Crusaders of Lutheran North (hereinafter referred to as “LN”) played host to 
our Tigers in the Missouri Class 2 Quarterfinals.  Lots of wind, and even a 
little bit of rain also made conditions for the fans a little unpleasant, but 
the field was fair and the conditions did not appear to have a substantial 
negative impact on either team.
The Tigers won the toss and deferred to the 2nd half.  The Tigers, clad in 
their red pants, white jerseys and red helmets kicked off to LN.  The game 
started perfectly for the Tigers as the Tiger defense forced a 3 and punt, 
giving the Tigers the ball in great field position at the LN43.  Darrell Monroe 
carried for 8 yards on 1st down.  Tyler Grissom’s 2nd down pass was incomplete. 
 Monroe carried for 6 yards and a 1st down.  Monroe then carried for 3 yards.  
A Tiger false start penalty made it 2nd and 12.  Grissom passed to Colt Callens 
for 9 yards.  Monroe carried for 5 and another 1st down.  Grissom ran for 2 
yards.  Grissom passed to Jamal Johnson for 10 yards and a 1st and goal from 
the 5.  Monroe carried for 2 yards.  Jamal Johnson would get the Tigers on the 
board with a 3 yard touchdown run.  Callens added the PAT, and the Tigers had 
the early lead, 7-0 with 6:47 left in the 1st quarter.
Tiger seniors…every name mentioned thus far are senior Tigers!
After the kickoff, the Crusader started from their own 25.  Carl Thomas and 
Isaiah Holman had a couple of nice runs, before Justin Baker passed to Holman 
for a 52 yard TD.  Alex Diedrich added the PAT, knotting it up at 7-7, with 
4:54 left in the first.
Starting from their own 15, the Tiger offense looked nothing like they did on 
the 1st drive.  Monroe carried for 1 yard. Grissom carried for 2 yards.  
Grissom threw an incomplete pass, and the Tigers were forced to punt.  First 
kicking game disaster…LN blocked Callens’ punt, giving LN the ball at the 
Tigers 21.
Holman ran for 4, Thomas for 10, and then Thomas for the 7 yard TD.  Diedrich 
added the PAT.  TIGERS  7  LN 14 with 2:46 left in the 1st. 
The Tigers offense faired no better on their next possession.  A Grissom pass 
was intercepted by Baker, who returned it to the Tigers 23.
Thomas carried for 12 yards, and then for 2 yards, and again for no gain as the 
1st quarter came to an end with LN threatening deep in Tiger territory.
Thomas carried for 5 yards.  Baker would get the TD on a 4 yard run.  Diedrich 
added the PAT.  Tigers  7  LN  21 with 11:17 left in the half.
The Tigers went exclusively to the air on their next possession, but 3 
incomplete passes forced the Tigers to punt again.  LN would take over at 
Baker threw an incomplete pass. Thomas carried for 5 yards.  Pass incomplete, 
setting up a critical 4th and 5.  Baker dropped back to pass, then sprinted to 
the sideline for a 7 yard gain, and a 1st down.  Baker then ran for 3 yards, 
and then passed to Brandon Sumrall down to the Tigers 7 yardline.  Thomas 
carried for 6 yards to the 1.  Baker then sneaked it in from there.  Diedrich 
added the PAT.  TIGERS  7  LN 28 with 8:23 left in the half.  It appeared the 
route was on, with the Tigers offense having had no success since their 1st 
Starting from their own 23, Grissom hit Jamal Johnson for a gain of 8.  Grissom 
then ran for 4 yards, and the 1st Tiger 1st down in a while.  Grissom would 
throw an icomplete pass, then pass to Jamal for a gain of 6 and another 
incomplete pass on 3rd down.  Callens punted, pinning the Crusaders at their 
own 5. 
Homan carried for 2 yards.  LN’s Jamal Johnson (yes, a Jamal Johnson on both 
teams) carried for 6 yards.  Thomas carried for 4 yards and a 1st down.  Baker 
passed for 33 yards to Holman to the Tigers 28.  Baker hit Holman again for 13 
yards to the Tigers 15.  Thomas carried for 2.  Holman carried for 3 yards 
setting up 3rd and 5.  A LN false start penalty moved LN back to the 15.  On 
3rd and 10 Baker threw incomplete.  On 4th and 10, Baker was sacked by Callens 
at the Tigers 18.
Now, the Tigers we expected to see.  Grissom hit Monroe, who made the catch, 
made a man miss and outran the Crusaders 82 yards to the house.  Callens added 
the PAT.  TIGERS  14 LN  28 with 1:47 left in the half.
The Crusaders were forced to punt after 3 downs, giving the ball back to the 
Tigers with 1:24 left in the half.  If the Tigers could score, they could get 
within 1 TD and have a bunch of momentum for the 2nd half.  Even if they didn’t 
score, momentum seemed to be on the side of the Tigers. 
From their own 24, Grissom threw incomplete, ran for 4, and threw another 
incomplete pass, setting up 4th and 6 from their own 28.  Another kicking game 
disaster, as Holman took the punt at his own 48, ran to his left, and down the 
sideline before making several Tigers defenders miss and scoring on the 52 yard 
punt return, with just 17 seconds left in the half.  Diedrich added the PAT.  
TIGERS  14  LN  35…momentum Lutheran North…or so it seemed!
It was Tiger sophomore Rodrick Jones who would quickly shift the momentum in 
the Tigers favor.  Jones took the 2nd half kickoff at the 14, weaved his way 
through the coverage and then outran everyone to the HOUSE.  86 yard KOR for 
TD.  Callens added the PAT.  TIGERS  21  LN  35
The Crusaders would fumble the kickoff, and the Tigers recovered at the LN 26.  
The Crusader defense seemed poised to stop the Tigers, after stopping Monroe  
for 1 yard, Grissom for 1 yard, and Monroe again for 2 yards.  On 4th and 6 
from the 22, Monroe showed why he should be the unanimous choice for the Carr 
Trophy as he bulled his way into the open field and sprinted into the endzone.  
 Callens added the PAT.  TIGERS  28  LN  35 with 9:49 left in the 3rd quarter, 
and putting the Tigers right back into the ballgame.
The Crusaders offense would answer however.  Thomas ran for 3.  Holman ran for 
no gain.  On 3rd and 7, it was again Baker picking up the crucial 1st down with 
a 9 yard run.  Baker threw incomplete.  Holman was hit it the backfield by 
Malik Monroe, broke free, but was dropped for a loss of 8 by Monroe, setting up 
a 3rd and 18.  On probably the most critical play of the game, the Tigers 
defense blew their coverage and Baker took advantage, finding Sumrall for a 58 
yard bomb, to the Tigers 7.  Thomas ran for 2, then it was Holman with the 5 
yard TD run.  Diedrich added the PAT.  TIGERS  28  LN  42 with 6:00 left in the 
The Tigers then fumbled the kickoff, but recovered at their own 15.  Hunter 
Trevathan carried for a 10 yard gain and a 1st down.  Grissom threw incomplete. 
 Monroe carried for 4, and again for only 1 on 3rd down.  Callens punted to the 
Crusaders 42.
Thomas carried for 3.  Baker incomplete.  Holman for 5, setting up 4th and 2.  
Baker gained just enough for the 1st down.  Thomas ran for 2.  Baker ran for 1. 
 Again, a complete breakdown in the Tiger pass coverage as Baker found Demarcus 
Dotson wide open (and I mean wide open) for a 45 yard TD pass…and perhaps the 
final nail in the Tigers coffin.  Diedrich added the PAT.  TIGERS  28  LN  49 
with 1:30 left in the 3rd quarter.
The actual final nail would come on LN’s next possession, which followed the 
Tigers 3rd botched kicking game play as again LN blocked another punt, giving 
the Crusaders the ball at the Tigers 39. 
A Tiger pass interference penalty moved the Crusaders to the Tigers 22.  Baker 
passed for 17 yards to Thomas.  Dotson ran for 4.  Thomas would score from the 
1.  Diedrich added the PAT.  TIGERS  28  LN  56 with 11:07 to go in the game.
The Tigers were done, right?  WRONG…as there is NO quit in these Tigers. 
The Tigers started from their own 20.  Grissom passed to Trevathan for 10 
yards.  Grissom passed to Callens, who made a spectacular sliding catch for a 
gain of 28.  Grissom ran for 6 yards, then passed to Trevathan  for 5 yards.  
Grissom ran for 2, and then again hit Trevathan for a gain of 19 to the 
Crusaders 10.  Grissom passed again to Trevathan for 2 yards, then Grissom ran 
for a gain of 6.  Monroe would power his way in from the 2 for the TD.  Callens 
added the PAT.  TIGERS  35  LN  56
The Crusaders recovered the onside kick attempt.  Thomas  ran for 5 yards to 
the Tigers 41.  Holman ran for 1 yard.  Malik Monroe then sacked Baker, setting 
up a 4th down.  Callens then recorded a sack, dropping Baker at midfield, 
giving the Tigers the ball.
Grissom passed to Monroe for 20 to the Crusaders 30.  Grissom threw incomplete. 
 Grissom passed to Trevathan, but for a loss.  Grissom then passed to a leaping 
Callens for a gain of 14.  LN would give the Tigers a 1st down by jumping 
offside.  2 plays later, Grissom passed to Callens for a 16 yard TD.  The PAT 
failed.  TIGERS  41  LN  56
The Crusaders recovered the onside kick attempt and from there were able to 
gain 2 1st downs and run out the clock…and the Tigers season.  TIGERS  41  LN  
Lutheran North will play host to 2-time defending Missouri Class 2 Champions, 
the Lamar Tigers, who beat Mountain View Liberty 35-0 on Saturday. 
The Tigers end their season at 10-2, losing to Mountain View Liberty in the 
first week, then 10 consecutive wins and today’s loss to Lutheran North.
Let me take a few minutes to talk about the careers of these senior Tigers.  
First, I should introduce each of them.
#7 Tyler Grissom; #8 Chris Wade; #10 Abdul Johnson;  #13 Devonta Nichols; #14 
Jamal Johnson; #21 Darrell Monroe; #50 Joey Middleton; #66 Devonte Anderson; # 
70 Brenton Carter; # 71 Grant Marshall; and #81 Colt Callens.
As I mentioned before, they never lost a game in middle school. 
As freshmen,  they were undefeated, until losing to Maplewood Richmond Heights 
in the quarterfinals, finishing the season 12-1.
As sophomores, they finished the season 11-2, again losing to Maplewood 
Richmond Heights in the quarterfinals.
As juniors, they finished 10-3, avenging the previous losses to MRH, but losing 
to eventual state champion, Lamar, in the semifinals.
And again, as seniors, the Tigers finish 10-2, losing to Lutheran North in the 
Three quarterfinals and a semifinals appearance.  An overall varsity record on 
43-8, marks this years seniors as having the most successful Tigers careers in 
the storied Tigers 98 year football history.
#7 Tyler Grissom:  It has been a pleasure watching Tyler grow into a fine young 
man, and an excellent leader of the Tigers offense.  Tyler has excelled running 
the ball, and made numerous big plays with his arm as well.  Tyler is going to 
serve his country in the Army National Guard.  A special guy, who I will miss.  
Godspeed to you TG.
#8 Chris Wade:  A first year Tiger, who contributed to the success of the 
Tigers filling in at RB, receiver, on defense and on special teams.  Would have 
loved to have had you for all 4 years.
#10 Abdule Johnson:  With all due respect, Abdule is one of the hardest working 
Tigers.  Reminds me of the Pittman brothers from last year…and that is a HIGH 
compliment.  ‘Dul was a weight room regular and made himself into the great 
Tiger that excelled in every aspect of the game…offense, defense and special 
#13  Devonta Nichols:  Devonta has always been one to keep the Tigers laughing 
in the lockerroom with his great sense of humor.  Devonta has worked hard and 
contributed greatly to the success of this senior class.
#14  Jamal Johnson:  One of my special guys…quiet, the furthest thing from 
cocky you will ever see, yet he has every reason to be cocky.  Probably on any 
other team in southeast Missouri, Jamal would have been the centerpiece of 
their offense.  ‘Mal quietly just did whatever was asked of him.  When Darrell 
was out injured, ‘Mal stepped in…and had a 96 yard TD run!  One of the surest 
tacklers on the Tigers defense.  Great kid, who I will miss more than I can say…
#21 Darrell Monroe:  Not much to say here….not enough space available to say it 
all.   Another of my special guys.  Simply put, one of the best ever all-around 
Tigers.  Should have won the Carr trophy last year, most definitely should win 
it this year.  Has a 99 yard TD run…a record that will never be broken unless 
they lengthen the field.  I dare say, Darrell’s game against MRH last year in 
the 1/4finals was perhaps the best game I have ever seen from a Tiger…25 
carries/250 yards 3 TDs; 2 forced fumbles, both of which he returned for TDs. 
Oh, and had a 99 ½ yard KOR for TD negated by penalty.  Your future is in your 
hands…grab it and take it to the HOUSE like you usually do.  Another great kid, 
who I will miss more than I can say…
#50  Joey Middleton:  Someone asked me what position Joey played on offense.  I 
simply said, “All of them”.  An amazing offensive lineman who has played every 
position on the offensive line…and played them well.  Nobody would ask what 
position he plays on defense, because he is a standout linebacker.  Another 
quiet, yet confident guy who lets his play speak for him.  Joey has been a hard 
worker, and a huge reason behind (or in front of) the Tigers success.  Another 
special guy who I will miss greatly.
#66  Devonte Anderson:  Oh boy, don’t I wish that Devonte had played all 4 
years.  Another 1st year player, but Devonte did everything asked of him.  
Great asset to the Tigers, and full of  Tiger spirit.  On Friday, Devonte 
picked off a pass for a TD in practice.  He was so excited, and the entire team 
was excited for him, too. 
#70  Brenton Carter:  Brenton is a 4 year Tiger who played on the offensive and 
defensive line.  Brenton’s Tiger career was plagued by numerous nagging 
injuries, but when others would have just given up, “Carter” stuck it out and 
made his contribution to the success of the Tigers.  Also, he has made a very 
wise decision in his college selection.  Hail State Carter!
#71  Grant Marshall:  Hate to say “I told you so”…  Grant is my buddy who I 
have been telling for the last 2 years that he needed to be a Tiger.  He was 
great in middle school, and played a little as a freshmen but stopped playing 
until this year.  Grant worked hard in the weight room and on the practice 
field, and earned a starting spot on the offensive line.  He also played a lot 
on the defensive line.  Grant was an asset to the Tigers on both sides of the 
ball.  Great kid, and I will miss him much.
#81  Colt Callens:  Tough to know where to start.  Had a horrific ankle injury. 
 Had another horrific thumb injury…no problem, just put a big club on my hand 
and let me play!  The Tigers were a little short on the offensive line…no 
problem, I’ll trade in my #81 for #54 and play with the big boys.  Need someone 
to punt…I’ll learn.  Need someone to kick PAT’s…I can learn that too.  Drove 
coaches crazy always asking questions, but he did so to learn…and he did.  
Standout on defense, as a punter and as a kicker.  Also, played a lot on 
offense and had numerous huge catches when the Tigers needed them.  Another of 
those special kids, who I will miss a ton.
Always remember guys, “Once a Tiger, always a Tiger”.  Best of luck to each of 
you all in your future endeavors.  May you have the same success in life that 
you have had on the gridiron as Tigers. 
Now, for those of you still reading (both of you…Mom and Dad).  I have been 
typing these summaries for 10 years.  For several years I have toyed with the 
idea of no longer typing up a summary of each game.  This seems like about as 
good a time as any to tentatively announce my retirement as the unofficial 
“biased” Tiger summary writer.   Go out on top…with a group of seniors who I 
have loved for many years.   I still plan to be the PA guy at home Tiger games, 
and I still plan to stay as involved in the Tiger football program as the Tiger 
coaches and administration will allow.  It has truly been an honor and a 
pleasure to share my biased opinions with all of you for these past 10 years.
“Once a Tiger, always a Tiger.”
W.Keith Currie
CHS Class of 1983

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