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Thanks so much for all of the effort in doing this for so long. I don't think 
there is anyone that has ever supported the Tigers more than you.

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> November 16, 2013  TIGERS  41  Lutheran North  56
> As most of you know, I have typed a “biased summary” of every Caruthersville 
> Tiger football game, win or lose, for the last 10 years.  Due to my personal 
> “bias”, I can honestly say that this will be the most difficult summary that 
> I have ever had to type.  You see, my oldest daughter is a senior, and she is 
> one of the most devoted Caruthersville Tigers fans out there.  We were 
> kidding her that she has shed more tears over lost Tigers games than over 
> boys!  ;-)  This years’ Senior Tigers will always have a special place in my 
> heart.  I have literally seen EVERY game these boys have ever played as 
> Tigers, from 7th grade…all the way until today.  It has truly been an honor 
> to watch those guys grow into young men.  It also made it easy as they never 
> lost a game in 7th grade or 8th grade, and amassed a 43-8 total record as 
> varsity Tigers.  More on them and their accomplishments later…on to the 
> summary.
> It was a colder than expected day in the northern St. Louis area as the 
> Crusaders of Lutheran North (hereinafter referred to as “LN”) played host to 
> our Tigers in the Missouri Class 2 Quarterfinals.  Lots of wind, and even a 
> little bit of rain also made conditions for the fans a little unpleasant, but 
> the field was fair and the conditions did not appear to have a substantial 
> negative impact on either team.
> The Tigers won the toss and deferred to the 2nd half.  The Tigers, clad in 
> their red pants, white jerseys and red helmets kicked off to LN.  The game 
> started perfectly for the Tigers as the Tiger defense forced a 3 and punt, 
> giving the Tigers the ball in great field position at the LN43.  Darrell 
> Monroe carried for 8 yards on 1st down.  Tyler Grissom’s 2nd down pass was 
> incomplete.  Monroe carried for 6 yards and a 1st down.  Monroe then carried 
> for 3 yards.  A Tiger false start penalty made it 2nd and 12.  Grissom passed 
> to Colt Callens for 9 yards.  Monroe carried for 5 and another 1st down.  
> Grissom ran for 2 yards.  Grissom passed to Jamal Johnson for 10 yards and a 
> 1st and goal from the 5.  Monroe carried for 2 yards.  Jamal Johnson would 
> get the Tigers on the board with a 3 yard touchdown run.  Callens added the 
> PAT, and the Tigers had the early lead, 7-0 with 6:47 left in the 1st quarter.
> Tiger seniors…every name mentioned thus far are senior Tigers!
> After the kickoff, the Crusader started from their own 25.  Carl Thomas and 
> Isaiah Holman had a couple of nice runs, before Justin Baker passed to Holman 
> for a 52 yard TD.  Alex Diedrich added the PAT, knotting it up at 7-7, with 
> 4:54 left in the first.
> Starting from their own 15, the Tiger offense looked nothing like they did on 
> the 1st drive.  Monroe carried for 1 yard. Grissom carried for 2 yards.  
> Grissom threw an incomplete pass, and the Tigers were forced to punt.  First 
> kicking game disaster…LN blocked Callens’ punt, giving LN the ball at the 
> Tigers 21.
> Holman ran for 4, Thomas for 10, and then Thomas for the 7 yard TD.  Diedrich 
> added the PAT.  TIGERS  7  LN 14 with 2:46 left in the 1st. 
> The Tigers offense faired no better on their next possession.  A Grissom pass 
> was intercepted by Baker, who returned it to the Tigers 23.
> Thomas carried for 12 yards, and then for 2 yards, and again for no gain as 
> the 1st quarter came to an end with LN threatening deep in Tiger territory.
> Thomas carried for 5 yards.  Baker would get the TD on a 4 yard run.  
> Diedrich added the PAT.  Tigers  7  LN  21 with 11:17 left in the half.
> The Tigers went exclusively to the air on their next possession, but 3 
> incomplete passes forced the Tigers to punt again.  LN would take over at 
> midfield.
> Baker threw an incomplete pass. Thomas carried for 5 yards.  Pass incomplete, 
> setting up a critical 4th and 5.  Baker dropped back to pass, then sprinted 
> to the sideline for a 7 yard gain, and a 1st down.  Baker then ran for 3 
> yards, and then passed to Brandon Sumrall down to the Tigers 7 yardline.  
> Thomas carried for 6 yards to the 1.  Baker then sneaked it in from there.  
> Diedrich added the PAT.  TIGERS  7  LN 28 with 8:23 left in the half.  It 
> appeared the route was on, with the Tigers offense having had no success 
> since their 1st drive.
> Starting from their own 23, Grissom hit Jamal Johnson for a gain of 8.  
> Grissom then ran for 4 yards, and the 1st Tiger 1st down in a while.  Grissom 
> would throw an icomplete pass, then pass to Jamal for a gain of 6 and another 
> incomplete pass on 3rd down.  Callens punted, pinning the Crusaders at their 
> own 5. 
> Homan carried for 2 yards.  LN’s Jamal Johnson (yes, a Jamal Johnson on both 
> teams) carried for 6 yards.  Thomas carried for 4 yards and a 1st down.  
> Baker passed for 33 yards to Holman to the Tigers 28.  Baker hit Holman again 
> for 13 yards to the Tigers 15.  Thomas carried for 2.  Holman carried for 3 
> yards setting up 3rd and 5.  A LN false start penalty moved LN back to the 
> 15.  On 3rd and 10 Baker threw incomplete.  On 4th and 10, Baker was sacked 
> by Callens at the Tigers 18.
> Now, the Tigers we expected to see.  Grissom hit Monroe, who made the catch, 
> made a man miss and outran the Crusaders 82 yards to the house.  Callens 
> added the PAT.  TIGERS  14 LN  28 with 1:47 left in the half.
> The Crusaders were forced to punt after 3 downs, giving the ball back to the 
> Tigers with 1:24 left in the half.  If the Tigers could score, they could get 
> within 1 TD and have a bunch of momentum for the 2nd half.  Even if they 
> didn’t score, momentum seemed to be on the side of the Tigers. 
> From their own 24, Grissom threw incomplete, ran for 4, and threw another 
> incomplete pass, setting up 4th and 6 from their own 28.  Another kicking 
> game disaster, as Holman took the punt at his own 48, ran to his left, and 
> down the sideline before making several Tigers defenders miss and scoring on 
> the 52 yard punt return, with just 17 seconds left in the half.  Diedrich 
> added the PAT.  TIGERS  14  LN  35…momentum Lutheran North…or so it seemed!
> It was Tiger sophomore Rodrick Jones who would quickly shift the momentum in 
> the Tigers favor.  Jones took the 2nd half kickoff at the 14, weaved his way 
> through the coverage and then outran everyone to the HOUSE.  86 yard KOR for 
> TD.  Callens added the PAT.  TIGERS  21  LN  35
> The Crusaders would fumble the kickoff, and the Tigers recovered at the LN 
> 26.  The Crusader defense seemed poised to stop the Tigers, after stopping 
> Monroe  for 1 yard, Grissom for 1 yard, and Monroe again for 2 yards.  On 4th 
> and 6 from the 22, Monroe showed why he should be the unanimous choice for 
> the Carr Trophy as he bulled his way into the open field and sprinted into 
> the endzone.   Callens added the PAT.  TIGERS  28  LN  35 with 9:49 left in 
> the 3rd quarter, and putting the Tigers right back into the ballgame.
> The Crusaders offense would answer however.  Thomas ran for 3.  Holman ran 
> for no gain.  On 3rd and 7, it was again Baker picking up the crucial 1st 
> down with a 9 yard run.  Baker threw incomplete.  Holman was hit it the 
> backfield by Malik Monroe, broke free, but was dropped for a loss of 8 by 
> Monroe, setting up a 3rd and 18.  On probably the most critical play of the 
> game, the Tigers defense blew their coverage and Baker took advantage, 
> finding Sumrall for a 58 yard bomb, to the Tigers 7.  Thomas ran for 2, then 
> it was Holman with the 5 yard TD run.  Diedrich added the PAT.  TIGERS  28  
> LN  42 with 6:00 left in the 3rd.
> The Tigers then fumbled the kickoff, but recovered at their own 15.  Hunter 
> Trevathan carried for a 10 yard gain and a 1st down.  Grissom threw 
> incomplete.  Monroe carried for 4, and again for only 1 on 3rd down.  Callens 
> punted to the Crusaders 42.
> Thomas carried for 3.  Baker incomplete.  Holman for 5, setting up 4th and 2. 
>  Baker gained just enough for the 1st down.  Thomas ran for 2.  Baker ran for 
> 1.  Again, a complete breakdown in the Tiger pass coverage as Baker found 
> Demarcus Dotson wide open (and I mean wide open) for a 45 yard TD pass…and 
> perhaps the final nail in the Tigers coffin.  Diedrich added the PAT.  TIGERS 
>  28  LN  49 with 1:30 left in the 3rd quarter.
> The actual final nail would come on LN’s next possession, which followed the 
> Tigers 3rd botched kicking game play as again LN blocked another punt, giving 
> the Crusaders the ball at the Tigers 39. 
> A Tiger pass interference penalty moved the Crusaders to the Tigers 22.  
> Baker passed for 17 yards to Thomas.  Dotson ran for 4.  Thomas would score 
> from the 1.  Diedrich added the PAT.  TIGERS  28  LN  56 with 11:07 to go in 
> the game.
> The Tigers were done, right?  WRONG…as there is NO quit in these Tigers. 
> The Tigers started from their own 20.  Grissom passed to Trevathan for 10 
> yards.  Grissom passed to Callens, who made a spectacular sliding catch for a 
> gain of 28.  Grissom ran for 6 yards, then passed to Trevathan  for 5 yards.  
> Grissom ran for 2, and then again hit Trevathan for a gain of 19 to the 
> Crusaders 10.  Grissom passed again to Trevathan for 2 yards, then Grissom 
> ran for a gain of 6.  Monroe would power his way in from the 2 for the TD.  
> Callens added the PAT.  TIGERS  35  LN  56
> The Crusaders recovered the onside kick attempt.  Thomas  ran for 5 yards to 
> the Tigers 41.  Holman ran for 1 yard.  Malik Monroe then sacked Baker, 
> setting up a 4th down.  Callens then recorded a sack, dropping Baker at 
> midfield, giving the Tigers the ball.
> Grissom passed to Monroe for 20 to the Crusaders 30.  Grissom threw 
> incomplete.  Grissom passed to Trevathan, but for a loss.  Grissom then 
> passed to a leaping Callens for a gain of 14.  LN would give the Tigers a 1st 
> down by jumping offside.  2 plays later, Grissom passed to Callens for a 16 
> yard TD.  The PAT failed.  TIGERS  41  LN  56
> The Crusaders recovered the onside kick attempt and from there were able to 
> gain 2 1st downs and run out the clock…and the Tigers season.  TIGERS  41  LN 
>  56
> Lutheran North will play host to 2-time defending Missouri Class 2 Champions, 
> the Lamar Tigers, who beat Mountain View Liberty 35-0 on Saturday. 
> The Tigers end their season at 10-2, losing to Mountain View Liberty in the 
> first week, then 10 consecutive wins and today’s loss to Lutheran North.
> Let me take a few minutes to talk about the careers of these senior Tigers.  
> First, I should introduce each of them.
> #7 Tyler Grissom; #8 Chris Wade; #10 Abdul Johnson;  #13 Devonta Nichols; #14 
> Jamal Johnson; #21 Darrell Monroe; #50 Joey Middleton; #66 Devonte Anderson; 
> # 70 Brenton Carter; # 71 Grant Marshall; and #81 Colt Callens.
> As I mentioned before, they never lost a game in middle school. 
> As freshmen,  they were undefeated, until losing to Maplewood Richmond 
> Heights in the quarterfinals, finishing the season 12-1.
> As sophomores, they finished the season 11-2, again losing to Maplewood 
> Richmond Heights in the quarterfinals.
> As juniors, they finished 10-3, avenging the previous losses to MRH, but 
> losing to eventual state champion, Lamar, in the semifinals.
> And again, as seniors, the Tigers finish 10-2, losing to Lutheran North in 
> the quarterfinals.
> Three quarterfinals and a semifinals appearance.  An overall varsity record 
> on 43-8, marks this years seniors as having the most successful Tigers 
> careers in the storied Tigers 98 year football history.
> #7 Tyler Grissom:  It has been a pleasure watching Tyler grow into a fine 
> young man, and an excellent leader of the Tigers offense.  Tyler has excelled 
> running the ball, and made numerous big plays with his arm as well.  Tyler is 
> going to serve his country in the Army National Guard.  A special guy, who I 
> will miss.  Godspeed to you TG.
> #8 Chris Wade:  A first year Tiger, who contributed to the success of the 
> Tigers filling in at RB, receiver, on defense and on special teams.  Would 
> have loved to have had you for all 4 years.
> #10 Abdule Johnson:  With all due respect, Abdule is one of the hardest 
> working Tigers.  Reminds me of the Pittman brothers from last year…and that 
> is a HIGH compliment.  ‘Dul was a weight room regular and made himself into 
> the great Tiger that excelled in every aspect of the game…offense, defense 
> and special teams.
> #13  Devonta Nichols:  Devonta has always been one to keep the Tigers 
> laughing in the lockerroom with his great sense of humor.  Devonta has worked 
> hard and contributed greatly to the success of this senior class.
> #14  Jamal Johnson:  One of my special guys…quiet, the furthest thing from 
> cocky you will ever see, yet he has every reason to be cocky.  Probably on 
> any other team in southeast Missouri, Jamal would have been the centerpiece 
> of their offense.  ‘Mal quietly just did whatever was asked of him.  When 
> Darrell was out injured, ‘Mal stepped in…and had a 96 yard TD run!  One of 
> the surest tacklers on the Tigers defense.  Great kid, who I will miss more 
> than I can say…
> #21 Darrell Monroe:  Not much to say here….not enough space available to say 
> it all.   Another of my special guys.  Simply put, one of the best ever 
> all-around Tigers.  Should have won the Carr trophy last year, most 
> definitely should win it this year.  Has a 99 yard TD run…a record that will 
> never be broken unless they lengthen the field.  I dare say, Darrell’s game 
> against MRH last year in the 1/4finals was perhaps the best game I have ever 
> seen from a Tiger…25 carries/250 yards 3 TDs; 2 forced fumbles, both of which 
> he returned for TDs. Oh, and had a 99 ½ yard KOR for TD negated by penalty.  
> Your future is in your hands…grab it and take it to the HOUSE like you 
> usually do.  Another great kid, who I will miss more than I can say…
> #50  Joey Middleton:  Someone asked me what position Joey played on offense.  
> I simply said, “All of them”.  An amazing offensive lineman who has played 
> every position on the offensive line…and played them well.  Nobody would ask 
> what position he plays on defense, because he is a standout linebacker.  
> Another quiet, yet confident guy who lets his play speak for him.  Joey has 
> been a hard worker, and a huge reason behind (or in front of) the Tigers 
> success.  Another special guy who I will miss greatly.
> #66  Devonte Anderson:  Oh boy, don’t I wish that Devonte had played all 4 
> years.  Another 1st year player, but Devonte did everything asked of him.  
> Great asset to the Tigers, and full of  Tiger spirit.  On Friday, Devonte 
> picked off a pass for a TD in practice.  He was so excited, and the entire 
> team was excited for him, too. 
> #70  Brenton Carter:  Brenton is a 4 year Tiger who played on the offensive 
> and defensive line.  Brenton’s Tiger career was plagued by numerous nagging 
> injuries, but when others would have just given up, “Carter” stuck it out and 
> made his contribution to the success of the Tigers.  Also, he has made a very 
> wise decision in his college selection.  Hail State Carter!
> #71  Grant Marshall:  Hate to say “I told you so”…  Grant is my buddy who I 
> have been telling for the last 2 years that he needed to be a Tiger.  He was 
> great in middle school, and played a little as a freshmen but stopped playing 
> until this year.  Grant worked hard in the weight room and on the practice 
> field, and earned a starting spot on the offensive line.  He also played a 
> lot on the defensive line.  Grant was an asset to the Tigers on both sides of 
> the ball.  Great kid, and I will miss him much.
> #81  Colt Callens:  Tough to know where to start.  Had a horrific ankle 
> injury.  Had another horrific thumb injury…no problem, just put a big club on 
> my hand and let me play!  The Tigers were a little short on the offensive 
> line…no problem, I’ll trade in my #81 for #54 and play with the big boys.  
> Need someone to punt…I’ll learn.  Need someone to kick PAT’s…I can learn that 
> too.  Drove coaches crazy always asking questions, but he did so to learn…and 
> he did.  Standout on defense, as a punter and as a kicker.  Also, played a 
> lot on offense and had numerous huge catches when the Tigers needed them.  
> Another of those special kids, who I will miss a ton.
> Always remember guys, “Once a Tiger, always a Tiger”.  Best of luck to each 
> of you all in your future endeavors.  May you have the same success in life 
> that you have had on the gridiron as Tigers. 
> Now, for those of you still reading (both of you…Mom and Dad).  I have been 
> typing these summaries for 10 years.  For several years I have toyed with the 
> idea of no longer typing up a summary of each game.  This seems like about as 
> good a time as any to tentatively announce my retirement as the unofficial 
> “biased” Tiger summary writer.   Go out on top…with a group of seniors who I 
> have loved for many years.   I still plan to be the PA guy at home Tiger 
> games, and I still plan to stay as involved in the Tiger football program as 
> the Tiger coaches and administration will allow.  It has truly been an honor 
> and a pleasure to share my biased opinions with all of you for these past 10 
> years.
> “Once a Tiger, always a Tiger.”
> W.Keith Currie
> CHS Class of 1983

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