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This is so sad....sending prayers for all.....

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The question was "Is Ginger OK?" - - - Ginger is trying to deal with this as 
best she can. The fire started when she lit a cigarette while using acetone 
based finger nail polish remover in the kitchen. She did not realize that the 
fumes were explosive. When she struck the lighter "The whole room exploded in 
flames." Many loose objects in the room were in flames instantly. Rick was 
upstairs in the bedroom. She screamed and he told her to get out. She thought 
he would be right behind her, but he was not. when he was found, he was on his 
back laying across the bed. No flame damage in the room at all. She thinks he 
had a heart attack. No final determination has been made as of now. The 
preliminary cause is listed as smoke inhalation.

Any day on this side of the grass is aGreat Day!

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Is Ginger okay?
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Rick Davis, Larry's brother and newly elected mayor of Caruthersville died in a 
house fire last night just before midnight. 
His Mother, Beulah, just lost her husband of many years a few months ago.
Pray for Larry as he travels with heavy heart and for strength for Ms. Beulah 
to get through this terrible event. 
Anyday on this side of the grass is aGreat Day!

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