[che499_design] Re: Volume 1

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  • Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2010 02:42:11 +0000

Nice work Jake, just wait till tuesday when we start putting it all together 
unless you want me to go through and give an edit to see if there are any 
spelling mistakes etc.
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Looks pretty god damn impressive. Nice work man. I can expand on all of my memo 
sections in vol 1 pretty easily so leave them blank and I'll get too em 

PS - I've done my Major, written up and all. Let me know if I should send it 
through for Vol 2 or just keep it till Tuesday and we can start putting shit 
together then. Having a crack at designing the heat exchanger prior to the 
column now. Should be pretty easy.

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Hey all,

I have whipped up a template for volume 1 that we can all start working on when 
volume 2 is done. From just going through it, a lot of the stuff we can take 
from the three journals apart from probably the process description section. 
I'll most likely start working on it properly Monday. Also my apologies but I 
had to add some extra streams into the Becher process so i'll have to change 
the stream numbering in the Tianjin plant. Who ever has the latest copy of the 
PFD, i think this is you Karp, could you send it to me and i'll change the 
streams as soon as possible. I'll get it done as soon as possible because i'm 
not sure if your in the same situation as me but i've used the stream numbering 
for my individual designs.

Cheers, Matt

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