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Sure, this is memo 1 and the template I made for memo two.

@Matt, I have a book on thorium levels but its at my grandparents house and I 
wont have it till tuesday :/ . But I'll try and find some other sources, thanks 
for working out the levels for me. One thing I'm still a little concerned about 
is how the tailings dams will function, wether or not U or Th will be 
concentrated in them. Thats my problem though.

I'll see you guys Tuesday. Hope your all having a good study break.

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Hey Jake

can you please email through the final copy of the memo 1, I will create some 
sort of outline for memo 2 and we can use that. Oh as a FYI we got 8.5 if memo 

The group will be meeting on Tuesday at 8:00 am in the final year studio so we 
can bust out a whole bunch of memo 2. I am away for a job interview on Wed and 
Thurs so I want to get as much done as possible before i leavE.

Any major concerns so far with the project guys?


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