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> Recognized for Outstanding Bird Conservation Work on North Carolina Coast
> Willmington, NC, April 4, 2002 - Last week, Partners in Flight recognized
> Walker Golder, deputy director of Audubon North Carolina, for his bird
> conservation work, it was announced today by National Audubon Society.
> Partners in Flight is a collective effort of more than 200 agencies and
> organizations including National Audubon Society, and is committed to
> conserving birds and their habitats across the Western Hemisphere.
> Golder, in addition to serving as Audubon North Carolina's deputy
> director, manages Audubon's North Carolina Coastal Sanctuaries.  It is for
> his work with the birds of the North Carolina coast that he was honored
> with Partners in Flight's Individual Award for Stewardship.  The award was
> presented to Golder at the 2002 International Partners in Flight Meeting,
> Saturday, March 23rd at Monterrey, California.
> "I am proud and personally pleased that Walker Golder has been recognized
> by Partners In Flight with a national award for the vital bird
> conservation and stewardship work he has undertaken in this state," said
> Chris Canfield, executive director of Audubon North Carolina.  "This award
> is not only a testament to Walker's work in North Carolina but also to the
> high regard his colleagues nationally have for him."
> Only 6-10 of individual merit awards in four categories are given by
> Partners in Flight nationally each year.  Audubon's Director of Bird
> Conservation Jeff Wells said, "This is a great honor, and Walker deserves
> it.  He has done outstanding work, yet has never sought recognition for
> his accomplishments.  Audubon's Bird Conservation department and the whole
> Audubon family give Walker our heartiest congratulations."
> National Audubon Society conserves and restores natural ecosystems,
> focusing on birds and other wildlife, and their habitats, for the benefit
> of humanity and the earth's biological diversity.
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