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To all chapter communicator subscribers - 

Since we migrated our list to freelists, we've had trouble with mail
attachments.   I'll be looking into how to allow attachments, as right now,
the service does not seem to support them.

The previous message from me regarding Donal O'Brien's congratulations to
Carl Safina was accompanied by a copy of the cover and some review excerpts
from Dr. Safina's new book, "Eye of the Albatross."  The book was published
next month - 

I've attempted to copy the bulk of the attachment here below - keep in mind
it doesn't look quite so good as it does in the attachment.


Visions of Hope and Survival

 by Carl Safina 
Henry Holt Co., publisher
US$27.50, hardcover
May 2002

416 pages 

(ISBN 0-8050-62889)


Dazzling...a stunningly intimate portrait of an environment.   -Publisher's

In this beautifully written work, Safina blends history and science to
offer, in a seamlessly telescoped style, first an ecosystem, then a species,
and finally one bird, the last as compellingly drawn as the protagonist of a
novel. The general reader cannot fail to be pulled deeply into natural
history by reading it. 
-Edward O. Wilson, Harvard University

An awestruck yet intelligent study of the great seabird and its environs, by
award-winning ocean ecologist Safina (Song for the Blue Ocean, 1998) ... a
briskly companionable account of days in the albatrosses' midst.
-Kirkus Reviews
Safina focuses on the qualities of peace and tranquility in nature ...  a
refreshing approach to natural history writing.
-Library Journal

"Eye of the Albatross" brings us into a world few have visited, let alone
understand. Safina opens our eyes while opening our hearts to the noble
journey of a single albatross across a vast blue ocean.        -Roger Rufe,
President, The Ocean Conservancy
Few scientists have the feel for these magnificent denizens of the marine
world, for the oceans themselves, or indeed for our entire planet, as does
Carl Safina.  We are privileged to have another wonderful book from him.  
-Paul R. Ehrlich, author of Human Natures
Safina makes it possible to experience the ocean's fragility and resilience
in touching, unforgettable ways through the brilliant use of  "Amelia," an
inspirational albatross. This is so much more than a nature book-it is a
life lesson. 
-Vikki Spruill, Executive Director, SeaWeb
Safina transports the reader to some of the most remote places on the globe,
giving us a birds-eye view of the beauty therein.  
-Ellen Pikitch, Wildlife Conservation Society
... an inspirational journey. Through the eyes of Amelia we experience her
ocean realm in all its beauty and complexity.
-Kathryn S. Fuller, President, World Wildlife Fund 

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