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We hope that you find the October 7 edition of "Audubon In the News," below, 
interesting and informative. Please note: you may have to register with 
individual news sites to view some stories; if you are unable to link directly 
to articles of interest, we suggest that you try copying and pasting the URL 
into your browser. 

We welcome your suggestions for future issues - please send suggested media 
stories to me at ebarton@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:ebarton@xxxxxxxxxxx>.

Thank you,

Erica Barton
Media Manager
National Audubon Society
700 Broadway
New York, NY 10003


Tracking the Mighty Monarch (Searching for monarch butterflies at Gilsland Farm 
Audubon Center in Maine)


Replanting the Prairie (Volunteers with the Greater Ozarks Audubon Society help 
plant prairie flowers along the South Creek-Wilson's Creek Greenway Trail)  

Hawaii Governor Safeguards Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (Governor of Hawaii 
creates a marine refuge in all state waters in the Northwestern Hawaiian 
Islands - and will work with Hawaii Audubon Society to pursue designation as a 
UNESCO World Heritage Site)


Species Act Backers Pin Hopes on Senate ("Extinction Bill" that proposes 
changes to the Endangered Species Act)

A Quest for Oil Collides With Nature in Alaska (The debate regarding leasing 
Teshekpuk, a corner of Alaska's National Petroleum Reserve, for oil exploration)
(registration required)


Sweat, Fire Help Bring US Midwest Prairies Back (Stephen Packard, a naturalist 
with Audubon, works to restore vanished prairies in the US Midwest)  


Unlikely River Allies 'Lock Arms' (Group of conservationists, including Dan 
McGuiness, director of Audubon's Upper Mississippi Campaign, work to improve 
both commercial navigation and the ecosystem of the Mississippi River)
(registration required)

Judge Rejects Timber Plan (Environmental groups, including Audubon Washington, 
are victorious in their challenge over logging plan)

Hundreds of Acres Will Form Buffer for Beidler Forest (One million dollar grant 
from the US Fish and Wildlife Service to buy land to create a buffer beside the 
Francis Beidler Forest)

Kirkwood Added to Preserve (Kirkwood Farm, a habitat for locally threatened 
species of grassland birds, has been designated as a preserve)

Isaac's Raises Funds for Birds (Isaac's Restaurant & Deli will raise money for 
Audubon Pennsylvania's "Blue Mountain - Kittatinny Ridge Conservation Project")


Plight of the Migrating Birds (The impact of Hurricanes Rita and Katrina on 
migrating bird populations)
(registration required)

Record Numbers for EuroBirdwatch 2005 (BirdLife International's annual festival 
where members of the public from all over Europe observe, explore and enjoy 


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