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We hope that you find the May 3 edition of "Audubon In the News," below, 
interesting and informative. Please note: you may have to register with 
individual news sites to view some stories; if you are unable to link directly 
to articles of interest, we suggest that you try copying and pasting the URL 
into your browser. 

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Puffin Population Attracts Flocks of Enthusiastic Fans (The National Audubon 
Society's Project Puffin is highlighted in a story about the puffin population 
in Maine) 

Birding 101 - Tips from the Audubon Society (Tips to begin birding taken from 
the National Audubon Society) 

Make Habitat Welcoming to Wildlife (Article about tips from the National 
Audubon Society and Audubon At Home for creating a wildlife-friendly backyard) 

Lures: You Can Invite Birds, Butterflies to Visit (Story highlighting tips from 
the National Audubon Society about attracting birds and butterflies to a yard) 

Patience and Persistence are, Well, They're for the Birds (Article about bird 
watching featuring results from the Great Backyard Bird Count) 


Senators Question Bush Endangered Wildlife Plan (Mike Daulton, Audubon's 
director of conservation policy, quoted in an article about the opposition of a 
Bush administration plan to change rules of the Endangered Species Act 
protecting American wildlife) 

Ecosystem Restoration Projects Slow as Federal Funds Lag (Story about how 
federal funding for overall Everglades restoration is lagging; April Gromnicki, 
asst. director of government relations for Audubon, quoted) 


Climate Change Putting Bird Species in Danger (Article about the effects of 
climate change on the birds found in Connecticut; Patrick Comins, director of 
bird conservation for Audubon Connecticut, was instrumental in getting a 
researcher to study the effects on the Saltmarsh Sharp-tailed Sparrow) 

Legislators Proposing Tax Break on Hybrids (Albert Caccese, executive director 
of Audubon New York, quoted in a story about a proposed bill to eliminate New 
York sales tax on the purchase of a new or used hybrid vehicle) 

El Pasoans Eager for Count of Winged Beauties (Article about Audubon's 
Birdathon 2007 in Texas, which will benefit Audubon Texas, the Rio Bosque 
Wetlands Parks, the Franklin Mountains Wilderness Coalition, the Chihuahuan 
Desert Wildlife and the Feather Lake Wildlife Sanctuary; the article features 
tips from the National Audubon Society on how to help birds have a safe 


2 Eaglets Saved As 3rd Nest Removed (Officials at Audubon of Florida's Audubon 
Center for Birds of Prey are critical of a decision by the Orlando Sanford 
International Airport to remove eagle nests) 

Audubon Center on Trinity Set for '08 (Construction begins for the Trinity 
River Audubon Center in Dallas) 

Critters, Recycling Showcased During Earth Day Observance (The Wildcat Glades 
Conservation and Audubon Center in Joplin, Missouri, participated in Earth Day 
activities that took place in front of the Joplin Public Library) 

Tiburon Students Part of Global Effort to Monitor Shorebird Migration (Students 
in Marin County, California, took part in a multi-country effort tracking 
shorebirds migrating from Panama to Alaska; the students watched birds in 
Richardson Bay, an area which the Richardson Bay Audubon Center helps to 


Bird Watching Helps Arizona Tourism Fly (Audubon's IBA program featured in a 
story about birding in Arizona) 


Audubon Society Opposes Hickory Hill (The Hernando Audubon Society in 
Brooksville, Florida, sent a letter to the County Commission urging it to vote 
against the approval of a development that would endanger habitat) 

Bird Song Expert Proves a Big Draw (John Feith, a Madison resident who has 
created CD and DVD recordings of Wisconsin bird song, was a speaker at a 
meeting for the Coulee Region Audubon Society in La Crosse, Wisconsin) 

Bird Watchers Visit Beehunter Marsh and Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife Area 
(During the Second Annual Birding Day, sponsored by the Greene County Community 
Foundation in cooperation with the Sassafras Audubon Society, based in 
Bloomington, Indiana, bird watchers from several communities around the state 
turned out for an up-close look at Greene County's nature offerings) 


Aquarium of the Pacific Exhibit Features Rescued Birds (Rich Sonnenberg, 
president of the El Dorado Audubon Society in Long Beach, California, quoted in 
an article about the new Shorebird Sanctuary at the Aquarium of the Pacific) 

Bird-Brained (Glenn Phillips, executive director of New York City Audubon, 
quoted in a story about a decision by a Murray Hill hotel to take down a 
decades-old vine that is home to hundreds of birds) 

Rare Bird Fights for Survival (The National Audubon Society is mentioned in an 
article about the Gunnison Sage-Grouse) 


Concern Raised Over Illegal Wild Bird Trade in Nicaragua (Conservationists in 
Nicaragua are calling for measures to help control the country's illegal 
capture and trade of wild birds) 


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