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We hope that you find the July 13, edition of "Audubon In the News," below, 
interesting and informative. Please note: you may have to register with 
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First Audubon Society summer field trip held on Yaquina Bay (Audubon Society of 
Lincoln City will offer two field trips for both experienced and novice birders 
to local birding hotspots this summer.) 
Flathead Audubon Offers Trips for Northwest Montana Bird Lovers (Article 
highlights a bird-watching excursion, led by Flathead Audubon Society - just 
one of many that the society offers throughout the year, as well as educational 
programs for both children and adults.) 
More Suits Filed Against Jet Boats in Chilkat River (Southeast Alaska salmon 
gillnetters and Juneau's Audubon Society chapter filed a second lawsuit last 
week to prevent a Haines tour company from operating 35-passenger jet boats on 
the upper Chilkat River during salmon spawning, emergence and rearing.) 
(registration required) 
The Birdman of Gilroy (Norm Watenpaugh, member of the Santa Clara Valley 
Audubon Society has spent the last 20 years giving South Valley birds a 
fighting chance) 
PCHS Graduate Builds Future Around Birds, Botany (Article focuses on 
19-year-old Anthony David Phillips, a field tech with the National Audubon 
A Delegation Divided (Mike Daulton, the National Audubon Society's director of 
conservation policy, is quoted in this story about how Florida's delegation to 
the U.S. House of Representatives would be sharply divided over oil drilling 
off the state's coastline.) 
The Bizarre Dance of Wind Power (Article on Wind Power mentions January 
conference on wind power held by the California Audubon Society and the 
American Wind Power Association in Los Angeles.) 
Sierra Club Asked to Drop Suit (Five environmental groups, including Audubon of 
Florida, are asking the Sierra Club to drop its challenge of the Babcock Ranch 
development plan in southwest Florida, saying that litigation jeopardizes the 
state's purchase of 74,000 acres for preservation.) 
Audubon Urges Boaters Not to Disturb Birds (Ann Paul from Audubon of Florida is 
quoted regarding tips to protect birds while at the beach.) 
Bald Eagles' Pa. Recovery Similar to Nationwide Rebound (Greg Butcher, director 
of bird conservation at the National Audubon Society is quoted in this article 
about the recovery of the Bald Eagle) 
Bird Droppings Survive Space Launch (Rob Fergus, science coordinator for 
Audubon At Home, is quoted in this article about the "out-of-this-world power 
of bird droppings.") 
 (registration required) 
OHA Now Holds Title to Waimea Valley on Oahu's North Shore (Office of Hawaiian 
Affairs became the legal owner of Waimea Valley. The National Audubon Society 
currently manages the property and will continue to do so as long-term 
management plans are negotiated.) 
THE EARTH LADY: Cowbird is a Bird With Few, if Any, Redeeming Virtues (The the 
staff of Strawberry Plains Audubon Center is quoted in this article about how 
to deal with a trespassing cowbird and its egg) 
Tackling Bird Flu, One Feather at a Time (Eric Lind and Rich Anderson of 
Constitution Marsh Audubon Center and Sanctuary are quoted in this article 
about bird banding and avian flu) 
Corps of Engineers, Audubon to Protect Ferry Slip Island (The Army Corps of 
Engineers is partnering with Audubon to protect Ferry Slip Island, a small 
island off the Carolina Beach coastline.) 
Fourth of July Events (The National Audubon Society encourages party-goers to 
be mindful of native wildlife while celebrating Independence Day.) 
Visions for Potato Creek (Potato Creek State Recreation Area in north-central 
Indiana has been named an Important Bird Area by the National Audubon Society.) 
From the Stacks: June 30, 2006 (If large photos of lush wilderness in nature 
magazines tend to inspire wanderlust, then the latest issue of Audubon, the 
magazine of the National Audubon Society, might just put you over the edge. The 
July/August issue focuses on "Green Travel.") 
Tiger Trap Goes Cuckoo (A camera-trap operated by a joint Indonesian and 
British team of scientists surveying for tigers in northern Sumatra, Indonesia, 
has photographed a Sumatran Ground-cuckoo, one of Asia's rarest birds.) 
Bush-quail Makes Unexpected Reappearance (The poorly known Manipur Bush-quail 
Perdicula manipurensis has been seen in India, the first confirmed sighting of 
this small gamebird for over seventy years.) 

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