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We hope that you find the January 25 edition of "Audubon In the News," below, 
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Audubon In the News
January 25, 2007

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Audubon Field Trips Offer Enthusiasts More to See (The San Diego Audubon 
Society, located in San Diego, California, offers field trips throughout the 
county for bird watchers) 

Counting Crows in the Terre Haute Skies (Indiana State University and the 
Wabash Valley Audubon Society, located in Terre Haute, Indiana, presented 
'CrowFest 2007') 

Your Guide to the Birds (A new program, 'Bird walk at your place,' takes people 
on a hike anywhere in Chemung County, New York and teaches them about birds - 
the money from the hikes goes to the Chemung Valley Audubon Society, located in 
Elmira, New York) 

In Defense of a River (Groups such as the Fort Collins Audubon Society in Fort 
Collins, Colorado, are joining forces against one of the new dam and reservoir 
projects that would be disastrous to the ecological health of the Cache la 
Poudre River) 


Audubon Report Faults Efforts to Restore Glades (Audubon of Florida releases a 
report about the state's efforts to eliminate pollution from Lake Okeechobee 
and restore the overall health of the Everglades) 

Wildlife Preservation Efforts Focus on Private Land (Mike Morgan, a wildlife 
ecologist for Audubon New York, will coordinate a program being launched by the 
state Department of Environmental Conservation designed to preserve imperiled 
habitat on private land) 

Nature Lovers Hope Crist Will Listen (Environmental Groups, including Audubon 
of Florida, attend the Everglades Coalition Conference, the largest gathering 
of environmental groups in Florida; April Gromnicki, asst. director of 
government relations for the National Audubon Society, also quoted) 
<http://www.miami.com/mld/miamiherald/news/breaking_news/16503975.htm> (free 
registration required) 

Northwest Corner Environmentalists Make their Feelings Known to Chris Murphy, 
Andrew Roraback and Roberta Willis (Audubon Connecticut and the Housatonic 
Valley Association co-sponsored a forum, held at the Sharon Audubon Society, 
focusing on environmental legislative priorities in both Washington and 


Unusual Birds Seen in Warm Winter (Kim Van Fleet, coordinator of the Important 
Bird Areas program of Audubon Pennsylvania, quoted in article about how the 
unusual weather has been affecting the distribution of birds in Pennsylvania) 

Spring Flowers Emerging? Don't Panic, Experts Say (John Ritzenthaler, director 
of habitat conservation for Audubon Ohio, quoted in article about how the 
warmer-than-usual weather is causing some spring flowers to bloom) 

Saving Minnesota Species (Mark Martell, director of bird conservation for 
Audubon Minnesota, quoted in story about the nearly 600 species of plants, 
birds, fish, insects and creatures that are struggling to survive in Minnesota) 


Large Birds Vanishing from West African Sahel (There has been a catastrophic 
decline in numbers of large birds in the sub-desert region of West Africa) 


Christmas Bird Count (The 106th Christmas Bird Count featured on Yahoo! 
Assignment Earth) 
<http://news.yahoo.com/video/2714> (to view the broadcast, click on the 
"Christmas Bird Count" headline) 

Snow Covers the Woods, Sends Birds to Feeders (The Great Backyard Bird Count 
featured in story about birding in Michigan) 

Birds of a Different Feather...(Birders flock to see a rare Yellow-Hooded 
Warbler in the Bay Area, which was first discovered during Audubon's Christmas 
Bird Count) 


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