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  • From: "Steven Littiebrant" <imgroxx@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 19:58:22 -0600

I'd LOVE to see the max-size go thru the roof.  More specifically, I'd
love to see an addition that'd render it at whatever size you want,
WITHOUT having to orient it in a disgustingly-gigantic window.  It's a
nightmare if you want a specific portion, and not the whole thing.

As for that plasma/solid mix... Photoshop has some INCREDIBLE powers
when you play with how it combines layers (multiply, saturation, hue,
etc).  Tweaking it from there, using multiple layers, and erasing small
portions as a last resort gives you some flat out unbelievable effects.
If you don't have Photoshop, I think <a href="http://www.gimp.org";>"The
Gimp"</a> can do the same thing.  I haven't used it much though. (I hope
the link up there works... not sure how my email service handles html

And ditto on what both of you said in that last portion :D

  Steven Littiebrant

----- Original message -----
Image size is currently limited by the maximum OpenGL viewport size, 
which varies from one graphic card model to the other. It's 4096x4096 
for most "gaming orientated" high end VPUs.

This is an issue I'm currently working on, more on that in the next 
development update.

> Another idea I've had for the program is to have it generate a faux
> bump... user defines specularity (can be illusionary but Phong or
> Blinn would be nice)... the bump could be based on color channels that
> the user has control over.. bump the red green or blue channels... I
> guess not unlike rendering lighting effects in photoshop.  Of course
> this opens up the headache on the programming side of things as to
> "where" is the light source?  to keep it simple for starters it could
> default to upper left, and over time add user control to move the
> light source and pic the type of light (hard/soft shading,
> spot/distant/omni lights, color, etc)

You've mentioned the solid mode in your next post. What you're 
describing is a mix between Plasma and Solid mode, which isn't 
technically challenging. It will just be very resource intensive. I'm 
convinced it will be a valuable addition, considering what one can 
obtain with XenoDream in solid colored mode.

> This program has made my jaw drop quite a few times with the things
> that I've made with it.  I'm super impressed.

I hope you'll share your creations some time!

Nicolas Desprez
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