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  • Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 15:35:39 +0100

Hi Francois, hello all,

This afternoon, I tried the maximum possible iterations to reveal some structures in the center of this solid.
This is the maximum number of iterations allowed by Chaoscope, so, like Nicolas said: 2 power 31.

Well, I was wrong, it's actually 2^31-1.

For deep zooming, it seems more possible iterations could be useful - one l only ;-), so I think this limit is given by the type of variable used for iterations. On a 32 bits platform, this limit is the limit for signed integers, but obviously this counter can't be negative. So, would it be possible to use unsigned integer instead? This way, we could double the number of allowed iterations. Of course, for a deeper number of iterations, you'll need to encode in 64 bits and it's not always the best way to raise the speed, especially on a 32bits platform like Window$ ;-). But are 64 bits really useful? I personnaly think a little bit more than 4e9 should be enough (2 power 32), at least for now ;-)
Any opinion?

First of all, remember the discussion about four different ways to stop a rendering, and the possibility to enable/disable the three automatic ones?

I think above a certain value, iteration limit is irrelevant, I mean by that there are better ways to automatically stop a rendering, like a timer (i.e. render for 24 hours) or number of hits within the view (discarding iterations that aren't shown).

Still, you're right about the iteration limit, I'm using a "signed int", so I'm wasting one bit.

PS: hey, Nicolas, it's not a prioritary task ;-)

Fine, it'll be included in version 2.5, on my 58th birthday. :-)

Nicolas Desprez
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