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  • From: John Meade <jsmeade@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 08:52:30 -0400

About strange writings:  Wow! prettydarn cool TG!

It's veryvery scary when the Math you've done for a whole lifetime starts 
writing back to you.

I know. I've titled this image "crop circle graffiti" because the snowman lake 
has already manifested itself on the English countryside in the wheat, corn and 
barley.  I figured, this being a chaoscope representation of a julia set it'd 
show up somewhere soon enough, most likely North Dakota, most likely in a snow 
drift under an overpass (go figure) on I-94 (me, being most likely, in NJ.USA 
(off I-95)).

I apologize for all the parentheticals. Such is the life of a guy who trades in 
hypertext and whose friends insist on using a linear_text mailer.... I'm not 
complaining. Though my friends do. They all run from the room shouting (and 
screaming (ouch! another couple parentheticals just appeared!!) -- "Look out! 
He's going linear!" or "Quick! Hand me that copy of Finnegan's Wake!!" 


aside to Nick: You'd think some one like me who lives by the '(' and the ')' 
would remember to put "[image]" in his subject line.  Hope you don't mind those 
Koch curves done in pencil :)

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