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  • Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2006 14:11:20 +0000

Hi Peter, hello all,

last week I was strange attracked by those attractors,
I put some animations on my site,

Great stuff!

The "knick's" in the loops are due to the .wmv format

One other thing I noticed is the flickering in the Lorenz-84 animation. To avoid this, you must render the first project manually, with the exact same amount of iterations (don't interrupt it) and save it before you duplicate it to create the end project. That'll ensure you have a constant peak value across the animation and no flickering.

It seems to be that auto adjust doesn't work in the batch mode, so this
would be a nice thing to have as an option, ( or did I overlooked something ?)

The problem with animation adjusting is you can't do it for each image separately: the attractor would change size and its edges would follow the image borders which wouldn't look good. Instead you want to adjust the animation as a whole, which can be done manually for simple rotations although it's a bit tedious. For more complex animations like your "Julia 9b" the batch processing should let you decide if you want all frames to be rescaled adequately.

On the development front, I've come across a new modifier, a bit like the one discussed in this message:


I found it on this web page:


I advise you to look at the animations too!

Like the rot(z) modifier it can be applied to all equations with various results.

All the best,

Nicolas Desprez
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