[chaoscope] Re: What happened to the group?

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  • Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2004 18:40:14 +0100

Hi Paul, hello all,

first of all I'll take this opportunity to thank you for contributing to this mailing-list. My intention is not to underestimate other subscribers input but, being a long time reader of sci.fractals as well as a frequent visitor to your fractal software page, I know how significant your name is in the fractal world.

I have over 30 years of data processing and information technology
experience.  Have been programming since 1974 in most every major
language.  These days I work mainly with Windows and UNIX environments
using the various machines capable of running these operating systems.

As to beta testing, I have done so with thousands of programs, but with
only about 28 different fractal related applications.  And I have nine
machines at my home to use for such purposes (from the old original IBM
PC to the latest Intel).

Would you have enough spare time to take part in the beta-testing? I'd be more than happy to count you amongst Chaoscope testers. 0.2 session was my first attempt at remote team management, and it's a good thing the team was reasonably small. I'm sure your experience in this domain will be more than valuable.

Nicolas Desprez
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