[chaoscope] Re: Unofficial mailing-list language is English

  • From: Chaoscope <chaoscope@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2006 19:05:57 +0100

Hi Seth, Manny and Paul, hello all,

Why the xenophobia? Does it make you uncomfortable to be presented with cultures and languages you don't understand?

I have no problem with receiving messages in multiple languages, I understand that the Internet is a global network and find it quite arrogant when someone presumes that his native language is the 'official' language.

It's more to do with practicality than xenophobia. The web site is in English - rather than French, my native language - therefore the mailing-list subscribers are assumed to read (and to a certain extent write) English. My main focus is to keep the list as relevant as possible, make each post count and be worthy of being read by any of you. Sticking to one language makes this goal easier to reach.

Ernesto posts will be moderated from now on, not because he was writing in German but because he was promoting a web site that had nothing to do with fractals. Thanks to Christian for bringing it to our attention.

Enough with politics!

A Chaoscope user called David Makin, who's also an avid Ultra Fractal formula creator, has submitted to me an idea similar to Flames Variations: short equations he calls "modifiers" applied to the orbit before each iteration. These equations do not yield strange attractors by themselves but they do change the shape of the attractor when applied. This works for most equations which means each modifier potentially double the number of attractors available. I'm still playing around with this but it will most likely feature in 0.4.

Attached is a Polynomial Type B to which the most promising modifier, rot(z), was applied. I defy you to render a Polynomial B that looks remotely like this one! :-)


Nicolas Desprez

JPEG image

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