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  • Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2004 05:19:38 -0500

I agree with your suggestion, because I have the same problem and I think your 
suggestion can be applied to both the speed and the angle map.

By doing this we can reuse a wondurful map again or we can modify it for more 
funky colors.


Radi Teleb 

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Here is a suggestion that I would find very useful in a future release:

Somehow allow us to know which gradients are currently in use.  Currently, I 
have several hundred gradients to choose from, and when I'm trying out 
different ones to find one that looks good with a particular attractor I often 
am going through them fairly quickly.  Then, when I find one that appeals to me 
I typically do several test renders.  Ultimately, when I go to save them for 
the List, or come back to them to do a high resolution render for my 
Renderosity gallery, I've often forgotten which gradients were used.  This is 
very frustrating.

It would be nice to have the name of the gradient file appear when the mouse is 
held over the gradient bar.  If that's not easy to do, then maybe when the 
gradient bar is clicked the name of the current gradient (and the path to it) 
could come up as the default text in the "File Name" window.

Drew <+><

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