[chaoscope] Quick roundup

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Hi all,

thanks for all the answers provided by Grumps, Nikolaj, Manu and other subscribers.

Rendering printing quality/very large resolution images in Chaoscope 0.2 is very awkward because you can't resize the view window and you can't zoom the render out. This has been resolved in 0.3, which will be released in your lifetime, if not during mine.

Once you'll be able to print your creations, you'll be able to sell them, providing people will be ready to buy them, as Grumps wisely answered. Chaoscope images are royalty free, the only way you're not allowed to make money is by selling Chaoscope itself. That'd be really bad for your karma.

Thanks Paul for pointing out Chaoscope raise of popularity! I wouldn't have put it so high so early.


Nicolas Desprez
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