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  • From: "steve banhegyi" <steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 07:54:49 +0200

Hello Nicholas

I find chaoscope really useful in the wortk that I do. I'd really like to
see a feature which allows you to manipulate/ rotate an image in colour
after it has been drawn. I suspect it would hammer the machine, though. Look
forward to next version....


Steve Banhegyi
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On 16/05/06, Chaoscope <chaoscope@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi all,

As you may know the beta-testing is over. I've also completed the manual
update. I'm currently rebuilding the web site gallery, creating a
project for each image. The projects will be included in the install
I've come across a couple of new bugs while working on the web site,
most have been corrected apart from a very elusive crash that happens
after a long session in Light or Plasma mode. I don't think I'll be able
to fix that one before release day, which will come very soon.

Kind regards,

Nicolas Desprez
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