[chaoscope] Re: Chaoscope 0.3.1 available to subscribers

  • From: eidenk <eidenk@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 03 Sep 2006 16:32:21 +0100

Hi Nicholas,

Thanks for that but could you please add an option in the next build (or even this one) to not open maximized by default. Also please, could you make that it is possible to minimize Chaoscope when doing batch rendering.
An option to set the default priority of Chaoscope would also be great I guess.

Thanks again,


Chaoscope wrote:

Hi all,

I've just uploaded Chaoscope 0.3.1 to the site. The Download page hasn't been updated yet, so you'll have to use these links for now:

Automated Install:

Manual Install:

Here's what's been fixed:

- Missing OpenGL extensions were ignored, causing Light and Plasma to crash
Now if your graphic card doesn't support the OpenGL extensions used by the Light and Plasma preview, the preview switches automatically to Simple mode and the relevant Options checkbox is disabled.

- Switching to "Opacity Mask" in Save as dialog set the path to Parameters folder

- View was updated five times when Solid mode View Settings was loaded or during Batch Processing
This would slow down Batch Rendering considerably if you were rendering large projects.

- Changing Batch processing "project step" via text box wasn't updating "first project" controls

- Zooming out could cause the render to scroll out of the frame

- On XP, palettes could be displayed behind the main application window
This is a blind fix, I haven't had that problem nor being able to make sure it's not happening anymore. Could anyone confirm it doesn't?

- View wasn't refreshed when overlapping view was minimized

- Creating very large projects could fail even with sufficient RAM
Same comment as with the XP bug, I haven't been able to reproduce this bug so it's a theoretical fix. I believe it applies to nVidia cards only, could nVidia owners help me with this one and try to create a very large project, something like 4096x4096, via File -> New?

- Simple Preview attractor color wasn't updated correctly when background color was changed
Now if you're using the Simple Preview and change the background to white in Solid Mode, the attractor turns black instead of staying white.

The only noticeable change in this version is using Random Gradients/Lights when Simple Preview is enabled will trigger a quick render rather than a preview, so you get to see the result.

You should be able to install on top of the current installation, you won't get a duplicated entry in the Add/Remove Programs list.

Once everyone's happy and we're all sure I haven't forgotten anything I'll make the release official on the site. :-)


Nicolas Desprez
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