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  • Date: Wed, 04 Apr 2007 13:18:55 +0200

Hi luiz and all others

luiz braga a écrit :

Hello Nicolas and all,

Like all Chaoscope fans, I'm fascinated by the latest
experimental 3D feature. Peter did a great justice to
Thanks for your brilliant minds and hard work :-)
Fascinated too, Nicolas made an excellent job once again and Peter too! Extra-ordinary !!


- When I use the animation (Ani) the picture quality
  degrades significantly compared to the original
  source. In the past you have told me to change
one of the parameters in Ani and it worked but I lost that E-mail due to a PC crash :-( So, how do I correct it?
Depends on what you mean. Quality is usualy matter of number of iterations. If it is a brightness issue it can be a problem of "peak" value.

- I want to install Chaoscope in my work laptop that
  has a very 'sensitive' video editing program that
  does not like to live with other program next to it ..
  But I think that if Chaoscope does not change settings
or registry of the OS it should be OK. Do you agree?
I do but I can't warranty anything ;-) Just try to install, run your video editing program, if it crashes remove Chaoscope by add/remove program. It should be OK.

Have FUN !!!
Axone Man

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