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  • From: Fredric QJ Blåholtz <e5frog@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: channel_f_and_videobrain@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, channelf@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2014 09:51:43 +0100

I saw someone trying to sell really crappy Videocarts on eBay for
$99.99, for example a #1 with no front label, others that looks like
they have been stored on a workbench in a garage for twenty years.

I might not have been that polite but when I asked about it they
(Patricia and her husband Tony) was just pissed off and added more for
the same price with the comment "we have been selling stuff for 30
years, we don't need approval from people like you".

So apart from the Democart for $250 - which is a bit much without the
box and the current Democart 2 for $2000 which is really a fantasy
price (if I had that to spend I might have bought it anyway though -
just to get one) what are people thinking, has the search sold items
function stopped working or are these special holiday prices?

They're selling a bunch of other old stuff for very reasonable prices,
but a Videocart is apparently worth its weight in gold now...   NOT.

So, go for some holiday shopping, let's raise the Videocart
collector's value today (and please don't send a message and comment
about the price, they'll get p.o):

Aren't they the worst you have seen?

/ Fredric

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