[channelf] Examining prototype dumps.

  • From: "Fredric QJ Blåholtz" <e5frog@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: channelf@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2007 02:06:31 +0100

Hello channelf list...

I took a peak at the spitfire bad dump and discovered that every 512
byte block was repeated once and the two blocks in the middle needed
to switch places to look more like the commercial release. There are only a
few (155) differences in the hex-code included data in the
end that is overwritten (compared to the proto) with $ff.

Spitfire prototype is now fully playable, I haven't noticed any
differences (while playing) from the release (yet)!

The bad demo dump is also two 512 byte blocks repeated, so all we got
from that is a total of 512 bytes.  As is colororgan - two blocks of
512 byte repeated after themselves...

I removed the double data and padded them to 2kB to be able to run
them in MESS. Colororgan seems to play the same despite the change,
which is interesting - what were the other 512 byte data used for

The "demobad" dump now starts with a "G?" prompt then display
scores 01 and 01 after pressing any console button and a game of Robot
War starts... then it just flashes back to the beginning - so it's
probably some version of Robot
War on that...  It starts the same two screens (score and exactly the
same gamefield) no matter what console button I press though.

Padding the bad dump (keeping the double 512 byte blocks of the same
data) behaves the same except for the game screen varies when pressing
a console button instead of being the same - which is understandable
since it probably reads data from somewhere to place
all the objects unless it's totally random.

Poker is very similar to commercial release, so is Galactic Space
Wars/Lunar Lander, also Football to begin with, but proto has a lot
more data in the end than the commercial version.

That's the current analysis.

How did you spend your Saturday evening?   ;-)
* Fairchild Channel F collector extraordinaire *

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