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        With no cart inserted, turn the console on, wait a few moments, then
press 1, wait 2 seconds, then press 4.  That should start a game of =
and you should hear the ball hitting the paddles, about 1 beep a second.

        Is this a System I or System II?  System I has a built-in speaker,
but System II sent the audio to the TV, so you won't hear anything until =
replace the video cable.

        Note that this is not "video out", but modulated RF on channel 3.
So the cable from the Channel F has to connect to an antenna input to =

        I'm not sure exactly what the LED indicates (the System I schematics
say "space boost" - I think it's something to do with the video), but it =
generally on.  I don't have my System I taken apart right now to verify =
it's on before you choose a game.

        I think you want to get the video cable fixed first to see what if
any display you get.  There are some socketed chips on the board that =
have worked their way loose.  Just be extremely careful if you choose to
reseat them: just about the only way to replace them if you bust a pin =
is to
buy another Channel F.


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Sorry if this message is out of scope for this board.  I just bought a=20
Channel F system and it isn't working.  It seems to be getting power =
the transformer, but nothing seems to happen.  The video out cable is =
so I don't have it hooked up to a TV.  I'm trying to figure out if it's=20
working or not, and thought maybe somebody could offer some=20
insight.  There's a red LED on the main board that does not light up, =
no sound comes from the speaker.  Is there a sequence of buttons I can=20
press to start a game and get some sound from the speaker without having =


If anyone has some troubleshooting steps, I'd love to give them a=20
shot.  I'm going to try to repair the video cable in the meantime.


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