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Thank you, Sean.

Hah, the tetris source from Sean's site assembles too.
Peter, is it OK with you if I make tetris.asm part of the dasm2 
source tree? The site Sean pointed me at (http://members.cox.
net/seanandalicia/chanfinfo.html) states it is GPLd anyway.


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        You are welcome to add lights.asm to the dasm2 source code under 
GPL.  Please make any modifications you need to.

        I've got an old copy of tetris here: http://members.cox.


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during the past month's i've been working on and off on a total 
rewrite of good old dasm. It all started when I wanted to give 
damn thing a Z80 backend and decided that the existing code is 
too screwed up to do anything with it...so dasm2 was born, written 

Now, dasm2 is far away from being anything usable (most dasm 
directives including macros still missing, but with 6502 and F8 
backends more or less in place), but this evening I managed to 
compile Sean Riddle's lights.asm, after doing the usual 
to the lights.asm source due to the slight f8tool/dasm 
incompatibilities, and guess what, the thing assembles properly 
two passes.

And here's the question, mainly for Sean: I'm building up a neat 
testsuite for dasm2 (something dasm always missed...*real* tests 
the machine test files are just pretty useless smoke tests) and 
like to add lights.asm to the dasm2 source code. dasm2 itself is 
licensed under the GPL, but it shouldn't be a problem to add 
with different licenses to the testsuite. Sean, is it ok with you 
I put lights.asm into the dasm2 source tree and thus distribute 
together with source code archives of dasm2?

Also, can anybody quickly point me at Peter Trauner's tetris 
source? I'd like to try assembling that one too.

Thomas Mathys

PS: dasm2 is hosted on sourceforge, but no files are in the 
download section yet: www.sourceforge.net/projects/dasm2

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