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Hi All
This is something we also struggle with at Ballarat and I would be very
interested to know what others are doing. We don't have a dedicated Decision
Support Unit so requests come via many sources.

Kind regards


Leanne Butler
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Ballarat Victoria 3350

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Hi All,

Unfortunately I missed the last chai-t meeting when you all discussed how you
handle the ever increasing demand that reporting units in hospitals are
currently experiencing.

Our team is currently reviewing our process for how we handle data requests and
the prioritisation process. We are not planning on doing anything as
complicated as the attached process that a hospital in the USA uses but trying
to come up with refined process all the same.
Is anyone willing to share the process they use at their hospital with me?
Please private inbox me at
tracy.horsburgh@xxxxxxxxxx<mailto:tracy.horsburgh@xxxxxxxxxx> if you don't want
to send to the whole group.
One of the first things we want to look at is a scoring process for requests
eg. let's say we decide to use 5 levels of priority then if the data is for the
Health Minister, The Board, DHS, CEO it would get a high level priority
(priority 1) but a research request would get a 5. Sometimes it gets tricky
when several requests are for the CEO so we are thinking about possibly using a
combined scoring system to tie in with who is the requesting the data and what
it actually for eg. patient care would get a high score as would a government
requirement. Also considering scoring depending on how it aligns with our
Strategic Plan.
If anyone is happy to share what they use and how they handle things I'd be
very grateful.
Thank you and kind regards,
Tracy Horsburgh
Business Analyst
Decision Support

The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne
50 Flemington Road Parkville Victoria 3052
T: 9345 6055 Email:
Tracy Horsburgh Direct Extension: 56055 | Decision Support General
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