[chai-t] November thank-you and ... ideas for 2013!

  • From: "Rose William" <William.Rose@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2012 17:24:39 +1100

Hi all,
Thanks again to Chris and Lucy for hosting at Alfred on the 23rd - it
was interesting to further explore some of the issues and features with
QlikView as it is being rolled out at Alfred Health.
For December, the consensus was that by the 21st no-one would be
thinking about work anymore, so the best bet was to defer till January
18th as the next meeting date. At this stage that will probably be at
Peter Mac again. Tracey has been persuaded that RCH could host in March,
and Aaron thought having a deadline in August might mean St V's had
something to show!
So have a think about things you might be interested in finding out more
about and let me know. Some of the things I have been thinking of /
trying with varying success are:

*       search engines as a user-friendly way to find data for data
*       choropleth maps using R <http://spatialanalysis.co.uk/r/>  to
help visualise things like referral patterns, patient remoteness for
ABF, etc. I'm suggesting R because it's free, and hence I can afford it,
though apparently MapInfo is the tool of choice (Tracey can perhaps show
this to us!)  [Oblig XKCD <http://xkcd.org/1138/> ]
*       custom Qlikview web viewer components - they look kind of easy,
and one that might be useful is a "provide commentary" box linked to the
current selections
*       Alex also mentioned a product that allows writeback based on a
cube selection that allows people to post adjustments to data along with
rationale, which can be used to compensate for missing data or
processing issues without necessarily tampering with source data files
or making direct & untracked edits in your warehouse.

Suggestions welcome!
Kind regards,
William Rose
Business Intelligence Manager
Information Management
+61 3 9656 5231   |   Level 8, St Andrews Place, East Melbourne VIC 3002

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