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I think Jenny's set the gold standard for hospital dashboards.  Very


Unfortunately for us funding QlikView would be an issue so we're keen to
see if we can get any significant improvements in functionality from the
latest MS offerings so I think your idea of a demo from BizData is a
good one.  Perhaps it would be a good idea to let them know that looking
to find out if MS BI can compete with QlikView.


Re CHADx, I'll talk to Ray who's developed our "grouper".  We're just
waiting for the clinicians to identify a top 10 set of indicators that
they want to focus on.



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Hi all,


Thanks again to Jenny Smith for organising and hosting last Friday's
meeting. It would appear that a nice view and better provisions do help
in rallying the troops, too!


It was good to see how the Mercy are rolling out Qlikview and how it can
be used: I am still trying to work out how we might use it in an
environment with a lot of existing Crystal reports, and recently some


Next month's meeting is 15th of June, currently at 3pm at Peter Mac.


Peter Davey suggested we try to get someone from Microsoft to demo the
key features of SQL 2012, as there are quite a few hospitals doing the
Sharepoint + PerformancePoint + PowerPivot + SQL 2012 as their next


If we do this, and I think it would be good, my preference is to get
them (Microsoft) to tailor their spiel a bit: previously I've gone to
longish presentations from them about "BI" only to hear about a bunch of
stuff that's not really relevant to health (e.g. clickstream analysis,
data centre licences). Because I'm not too sure they will be able to do
this from their pre-sales team, it might be worth going to a partner.


At the DG2012 conference I had a good chat to Nadav Rayman, who works
for BizData -- a Microsoft partner that do BI work, and like to sponsor
health conferences. To add to general SQL Server knowledge, they also
distribute Predixion Insight, a predictive analytics package that is
built on Excel 2012 / PowerPivot / Analysis Services, and it makes it
somewhat easier to use the association, classification and regression


I can have a talk to Nadav to see if he can do a health-focussed
Microsoft BI / analytics demo to show of some of the new features. He is
a technical person, rather than just a salesman, so it should be a bit
more detailed. Or we can go straight to Microsoft (Chris Vidutto / Simon
Kos) to ask them to suggest someone.


An alternative is if one of you who are planning to move to this
technology soon wants to work something up in house, we can see the tool
with realistic data, and without the vendor. I think this worked really
well last Friday with Jenny's Qlikview demo, so any volunteers most


Some other topics: I've had an initial crack at the CHADx coding, and
come up with a bunch of rules and even more questions. I'm keen to share
this work with the group to get your advice on some of the issues and
also to see where it might be useful to others. We should also know a
bit more about ABF, but the pressure is off there now that DH are going
to continue with existing funding models largely unchanged for next


Other topics also welcome!


Kind regards,


William Rose

Business Intelligence Manager

Information Management


+61 3 9656 5231   |   Level 8, St Andrews Place, East Melbourne VIC 3002


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