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One other thing I’d like to see demo’d is Power View.



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Thanks Will,


Unfortunately, I am unable to attend.  See you at the following meeting.


Kind Regards,


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Hi all,


As previously discussed, the next meeting is 22nd of June. As a contrast to the 
excellent QlikView tour from Jenny at Mercy, I have asked Nadav Rayman from 
BizData, a Microsoft BI partner, to present on the new features in SQL 2012 and 
a separate predictive analytics tool, Predixion Insight.


After spending a couple of hours with Nadav yesterday, I think it would be 
helpful to have a little more time for this session. There are a lot of 
interesting things to look at, and I don't want to crunch the time too much 
when this is likely to be very relevant to quite a few members.


Nadav has offered to host using a meeting room at Microsoft's Docklands office 
from 10am to 12pm on Friday 22nd of June, which I hope will fit into people's 
calendars okay. Please let me know if this time/venue is particularly bad: 
obviously we can stick to 3pm at Peter Mac if late in the day in the dungeon is 
your thing.


So the calendar details are:

        Date: Friday, 22nd June

        Time: 10am-12pm

        Room: Business Productivity Centre

        Address: Level 5, 4 Freshwater Place, Southbank 3006


I'm thinking we will have time to cover:

*       PowerPivot
*       Tabular, the engine behind PowerPivot, that powers the new server 
features for data mashups
*       The Silverlight viewer for Tabular dashboards (PowerPoint embeddable)
*       Predixion Insight for performing clustering analysis and predictive 
modelling backed by SQL Server Data Mining

Nadav did a presentation at the DG2012 conference about using predictive 
analytics tools to help identify which data elements are important to business 
rules or operational outcomes of interest, and I'm aiming to get together a 
more Victorian data set for him to demo some of the same features with.


If there's other stuff you've heard about and want him to cover, please let me 
know so I can feed that back.


By allowing two hours I hope there will be time for a bit of Q&A afterward - we 
spent a bit of time yesterday working through the features that looked most 
interesting to me, and it's great to have someone who knows the product well to 
talk through what it can and can't do well.


Kind regards,


William Rose

Business Intelligence Manager

Information Management


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