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  • Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2012 11:28:57 +1000

Hi Again!

I have a last minute room change, because I found a better one (e.g.
some natural light, access to tea & coffee).

It's now in Research Meeting Room 2, level 3, Smorgon Family Building,
13 St Andrews Pl, East Melbourne.

When you come in the front entrance of Peter Mac, use the lifts opposite
reception to go up to level 3. Go left out of the lifts, through past
the lecture theatre and turn left again. You should be able to see all
the way down the hall to the research tea room (through a couple of
windowed doors), which you can recognise because there is some sunlight
and a collection of nerds trying to look non-mainstream. As you go along
the hallway, Research Meeting Room 2 is the first meeting room you come
to. There are some doors that look all security-pass-protected, but they
are decoys, push to open.

Here is a map drawn in the "Cartographer's Choice" MS Powerpoint 2003:
Kind regards,
William Rose
Business Intelligence Manager
Information Management
+61 3 9656 5231   |   Level 8, St Andrews Place, East Melbourne VIC 3002


From: Rose William 
Sent: Wednesday, 18 July 2012 8:25 AM
To: 'chai-t@xxxxxxxxxxxxx'
Subject: July Meeting Reminder

Hi all,
Feeling the pinch of the new-fiscal-year craziness? I am! So I am
looking forward to escaping the nightmare for an hour this Friday at 3pm
in the EDU Seminar Room 1 in Lower Level 1 at Peter Mac, 13 St Andrews
Place. I hope to see you there!
Agenda-wise, I'd like to fit in as many of the following as we have time
for, but I'm also quite happy to chase another tangent entirely if
anyone has something they'd like to share. A list:

*       Debrief from the SQL Server 2012 / Predixion Insight
presentation: a month on, what still seems appealing?
        My issue (and possibly yours) is that we are stuck on SQL Server
2008 -- can we still do anything like what Nadav was demonstrating? I
have chased up a few angles (e.g. using SSAS Data Mining directly, using
open source tools like RapidMiner, Weka, Orange), but I'm interested in
hearing what others think of the value of the activity and possible
        Demo Simon's Magic System
        Simon can't come, but I can demo the QlikView document he's been
working with that integrates costing & revenue allocation in QlikView to
give a foundation for understanding why our bottom line has the colour
it does. NB: this is not a product of the Humanities department, so
there is no discussion of the structural disadvantage to health agencies
caused by the intersection of nihilistic materialism and
neo-conservative economic rationalism.
*       Shadow funding for ABF - what's been achieved & can we
collaborate to save some effort?
*       Genetic counselling clinics
        I met with Mary-Anne Young from our Familial Cancer Centre who
are currently block funded, but now need to report something via the
S10. Apparently there are similar services at RMH, Austin and Southern,
and as yet no agreed standard for activity reporting. I'm interested to
know if any of the other services have started working on a reporting
*       CHADx - the phantom agenda item that lives at the bottom of the
list, and refuses to die.
        I did do some work on this, and I can show you where it works
and what looks dubious -- if the consensus is that there's something to
be gained from this classification being workable, perhaps we can feed
back to ACSQHC for a more tractable specification.

Kind regards,
William Rose
Business Intelligence Manager
Information Management
+61 3 9656 5231   |   Level 8, St Andrews Place, East Melbourne VIC 3002

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